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Rainbow Rocking

Character  Rainbow Dash
Still one of my favorite scenes in the show ever! :la:

Vector: Rocking Dash by sakatagintoki117

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Rock my world little pony filly. XD
OceansIcons's avatar
One of my personal favorites!
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I remember this, this episode was so funny
QuantumPinkie's avatar
This'll be on my everything for a while!
Game-BeatX14's avatar
Yay, glad you like it so much :D
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This is soo cool! i love it :D
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aww its so cute 
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using as my desktop wallpaper :D
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I think you should know that this is now my phone background and I simply cannot stop looking at it because it looks so fantastic. Keeps bringing me a smile. x) Thank you for making it!
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And comments like this bring a smile to my face. The circle is complete! :D xD
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OH MY WORD!!! The pun's killing me!!! :XD:
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Ohh very nice
Everay's avatar
Goddamn puns xD
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Yup. Even while simply sitting on a chair, she knows how to not get bored. :P
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So what's with RD and a stool? I don't get it...
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It's from a popular scene in season 4, where Rainbow Dash was rocking back and forth on a stool.…
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Super cute Dashie!
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Is this 1920 x 1080?
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