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Rainbow Rising

I've been feeling very unmotivated lately and needed to make something to get my creativity flowing again. Sorry for being inactive nearly a whole month.

Vector: Rainbow Dash Vector by AlmostFictional

Wallpaper Gallery | Fimfiction

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This looks cool, Game-BeatX14!
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omg this is awesome~
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I always love me some RD~ Great work!
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WOW, gorgeous wallpaper, I'm digging this one a lot!! :D I'd favorite it several times if I could. Choice of vector is awesome, and everything you created is so artistic and fits so well to create an unique piece, emphasizing Rainbow Dash while still leaving an equal part to every layer of depth in this wallpaper. It may be just me but I'd say you've outdone yourself with this! Also I love the design of the horizontal "arrow line" and how the blue one at the center is bent down behind Rainbow Dash. Truly masterful work! ^^ I don't mind waiting a month if we get masterpieces like these! That being said, if that is bothering you, I hope you will find back that motivation so you can create more ^^ We'll support you either way, keep up the great work!
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Comments like this make it all worthwhile. It took a few tries to get this one right so I'm happy you noticed all the little details! :)
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Looks wonderful. Nice wallpaper!Nod 
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