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Night Glider

I think Night Glider rivals Rainbow Dash in terms of awesomeness. :D

Vector: Vector #148 - Night Glider by DashieSparkle

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Okay this is beautiful. Night Glider looks so cool in this wallpaper. I really love how you made her like crashing into the background. I especially like the glow or shine through the glasses she broke. Her mane and tail is wicked-cool! The designs on the background around her she's in is kinda shiny in the night. The part inside the diamond I can see little tiny diamonds and triangles which is really cool. You made her look awesome in this! Not only Night Glider is awesome the whole wallpaper is and her facial expression really shows her personality. Good job very good.

pretty character love her mane

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Looks almost seamless. Great work!
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wow looks nice
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Great work. How's things going?
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is night glider a real pony in mlp?
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Yes, she was in the season five premiere.
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Ooh, thanks!
really nice btw, i learned something today XD
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Love me some Night Glider
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Amazing! My new walpapper :D
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Wow amazing wallpaper!! Great work!
And I sure agree! :D Plus, she's kinda mysterious, with that cutie mark! I wish to see her again!
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Thanks! :D
And yeah, she's too good of a character to only get one episode.
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