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New Lunar Republic Wallpaper 3

I'm ashamed of the last one I made so I wanted to give it another shot. Overall I'm extremely happy with it, even if it is a generic layout :)

NLR Emblem Vector by Emkay-MLP

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Could you do a Solar Empire one?
Game-BeatX14's avatar
I'll think about it, but I'm kind of backlogged right now with all the other ideas I still haven't done yet...
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Luna best princess! now with 20% cooler logo.
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Cjbronyten's avatar
texts stands out waayyy too much, you need to tone it down

try something like this: [link]

de rest is fine though maybe just a bit too bright
bdiddy20128's avatar
all hail luna!! awesome job this looks amazing!!!
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I have a question. Is the reason you use because you don't like photoshop, or can't get it?
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I have it, tried it for a while but didn't really like it. I don't see the point in switching over and spending forever learning how to use new software when I'm still happy with what I have, and there's tons of room for improvement yet.

Besides, I have a bazillion 3rd party plugins installed for paint.NET and can always find more, so functionality isn't an issue for me, lol.
TaigaLife's avatar
That's how I was until I sat down and forced myself to learn it. I couldn't see myself ever using anything again.
WarriorSparrow's avatar
Woah, that's so pretty!
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