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Nature Walk

Told you I was going to do more of this! :D

Photos were taken by myself, near a small lake in my neighborhood.

Vector: Vector #313 - Fluttershy #19  by DashieSparkle

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I Am Just a Pony by Game-BeatX14  Ready to Dash Again by Game-BeatX14  Concert Scootaloo by Game-BeatX14
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Beautiful pic great work 
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I always wonder what will your wallpaper look like when you use landscape images combine with ponies. Well now i know xD

Awesome work as always :D
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Yeah, I was looking at other landscape wallpapers thinking "Why haven't I tried this yet in four years" xD
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Well now you got one, and it looks amazing :D
Hope you can do this style of wallpaper more often
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I love both PIRL and Nature a lot! This instantly got my utmost interest :D Quite literally a mix between wallpaper and PIRL! Lovely color saturation! Also the photo looks great! Awesomely done ^^ Now I wonder what could happen if you added more PIRL elements to it... like integrating the pony to the environment more, while still having that wallpaper look.
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Nature is pretty awesome :D

Hopefully I'll be able to improve these types of wallpapers once I get more practice. I really appreciate the feedback Makenshi.
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Thanks :)

I'm always happy to use your vectors, keep em' coming :D
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