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Minimal Rainbow

Everybody seems to like minimalism, but I think it's fun to mix it with other styles. Hope you all like this one :D

Thanks to Rariedash for the amazing vector! :)

Vector: Rainbow Dash by Rariedash

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Spitfire Wallpaper 3 by Game-BeatX14  Angry Dash by Game-BeatX14  Minuette Wallpaper 2 by Game-BeatX14
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Thank you for my new desktop background. Looks awesome!

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It's really uplifting to know that something I made seven years ago is still being appreciated today. Thank you! :)

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Without rainbow dash this would look like a loading screen for something like brink. 

Anyway neat wallpaper. 
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So epic! Nice work!!
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This is awesome o.o
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this is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper awesome great job you did will here
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This can't be any more cooler.
Amazing job!
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No problem! nvn
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I am using right now! :D
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This looks amazing!
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Glad you think so, thanks! :D
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