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Story link: Fallout: Equestria

Written by Kkat

I'm in the middle of reading Fallout Equestria right now, so there might be more artwork of it to come. This wallpaper is directly based on the amazing work of Vexx3, who was one of my favorite wallpaper artists back in the earlier days of the fandom.

Littlepip by Vexx3

Vector: Little Pip is not amused by Groxy-Cyber-Soul

Wallpaper Gallery | Fimfiction

Carrot Hop by Game-BeatX14  Spirit of Loyalty by Game-BeatX14  I Will Not Fall by Game-BeatX14
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Great job again! Nice work.
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I don't know if i should read fallout equestria. I read past sins and i loved it but that was the only fanfic iv'e read so far
 Feeling down... 
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It took me a while to buckle down and start reading, but it's worth it.
Once you get into the story it's really immersive and the scale of the fic is enormous.
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Who created her???
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An author by the name of Kkat
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Dayum, that's so awesome :D
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i try to make one but keeps on closing on me :(
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That's pretty strange. If you have the most current version and a modern computer it should be working fine. Hasn't crashed on me in months :shrug:

Try uninstalling and doing a clean install, if you haven't already. Otherwise you might just not have enough RAM, maybe reduce the resolution of the wallpaper to a more manageable size. Aside from that I'm not sure what would be causing that to happen.
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thx for the info :3
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