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I Will Not Fall


Story link: Fallout: Equestria

Written by Kkat

Here's some Littlepip being determined and healing herself with magic. I hope all you Fallout Equestria junkies enjoy this one! :)

Vector: F*** the pain! ~Littlepip by StarlessNight22

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Always I workout, and I am like: no man, I give up, and I just imagine Littlepip with all of her adventures, when she is like me [Ugggh, what a pain!], and she ain't give up. Works every time :)
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I really like this piece.
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Epic work! Great job here.
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Ah, a pony after my own heart. When it gets tough, I never give up.
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This looks so awesome! :D
(But Little Pip can't heal herself with magic : I)
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Well, it is probably her levitation magic. She can levitate herself and others with her god-tier levitation.
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I just created that magic effect just for looks.
(Haven't actually read the story yet, heh...) xD

Thanks :D
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Looks amazing :) Keep it up ;D
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*grabs a hat from nowhere just to tip it*
Well done sir.

But seriously this is awesome
Game-BeatX14's avatar
Haha, thanks man! :)
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love the magic effect, stay tough girl  
kmanhbk18's avatar
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...Man you just keep getting better and better lolz XD
So how long this take you? 3 hours?
Game-BeatX14's avatar
I don't keep close track, but it was probably closer to 6-8 hours over the span of two days.
D-GrimsomStar's avatar
Well buddy, It still looks amazing, Just try not to Push yourself alright
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Great job
#never say never
Xxlusytotty360xX's avatar
oh,your Strong DON'T YOU GIVE UP T^T
wsdragon1's avatar
Yes you shall not give up
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