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I Am Just a Pony

I'm back with something totally different!

A few months ago I biked around my neighborhood and took a huge batch of nature photos with the intention to make a PIRL (Ponies in real life) wallpaper. I never really made progress with the original idea, so I decided to make use of two photos and mix it with the background on this wallpaper. Sometimes a simple idea can totally change the outcome of the project. I might try more of this :D

The plants are from my backyard and the picture was taken on my phone.
Visible layers: 48

Vector: Rara #1 (without piano) by VaderPL

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Ready to Dash Again by Game-BeatX14  Concert Scootaloo by Game-BeatX14  Luna Rising by Game-BeatX14
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This is beautiful, and it really captures the moment! Fantastic!
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Glad you like it! :D
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DX this is ruining my- oh forget it thought it looks good.
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Well done!
I'm the biggest fan of PIRL, but this is good too! Way to use IRL photos into a wallpaper! :D
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Thanks! It was definitely a fun experiment.
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It looks strange without the piano :S
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Such a brilliant choice of colors mixed in together! (^u^)
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Thank you! It took a while to get the right shades of color for this.
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Glad you like it :)
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