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Fallout Equestria Wallpaper


Story link: Fallout: Equestria

Written by Kkat

Somebody suggested that I make a Fallout Equestria Wallpaper, and I thought it would be fun to try, so here it is! I actually haven't even read the story yet but I've seen enough art of it to get some ideas together on what to make. Remember, I don't take requests but I'm always open to suggestions or new ideas! :D

Fallout Equestria Logo by Lightning5trike
Little Pip Vector by Groxy-Cyber-Soul

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Rarity Wallpaper 3 by Game-BeatX14 Vinyl Scratch Wallpaper 2 by Game-BeatX14 Changeling Wallpaper by Game-BeatX14
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Hi, I like this a Lot, but if I may provide some constructive critique, the vector doesn't really fit in with the harsh gradients, it stands out too much to me, perhaps less of a glow on her and more of a shadow under her to make her seem more in place? If I were to use this as a wallpaper, the out of place vector would catch my eye too much and not compliment the wallpaper all together.
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Thanks for the feedback. A few of the other artists from the Equestria Digital forums have actually told me the exact same thing already, so it looks like I'll have to try harder with the vector aspect of my wallpapers...
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Awe man! I was talking to some of my friends about how they should make an actual Fallout Equestria game XD... Awesome Picture :heart:
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the cutest little slaver/raider killing, dragon slaying, friend making mercenary evar! XD
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Awesome work. You never fail to impress me, Game-Beat.
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Haha, thanks man! :D
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Looks like I have a new background ^^
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Glad you like it :)
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