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Character  Cloud Chaser
Well, this one took a while but I'm finally happy with it. Kind of a throwback to my older style of wallpapers with some of my new stuff mixed in.

Vector: CloudChaser by Skie-Vinyl

Wallpaper Gallery | Fimfiction

Left 4 Dead Pony Parody [AntylaVX + Game-BeatX14] by Game-BeatX14  Dare by Game-BeatX14  Smile Pie by Game-BeatX14
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i love the background, did u make it??
nice job
Game-BeatX14's avatar
Yes, I did make it. Thank you :D
MischievousMiss's avatar
oh that so awesome
ur welcome C:
wildflre's avatar
Oh yes I like this one ovo
nachtide's avatar
It's 20% cooler ouo
Klarseolt's avatar
Nice work with the background as always!
Game-BeatX14's avatar
arbitercu's avatar
I will never know how you make these things
NathanButlerArt's avatar
Very pretty colors! oho
AntylaVX's avatar
Well, the shapes on the background doesn't make any sense for me, but still, you did a great job here ^^
Game-BeatX14's avatar
I was trying to go for something similar to my previous "Dare" wallpaper, just experimenting with different shapes.
It's a little random, but I still like it ;P

Thank you :)
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Great tribute to Cloudchaser!
Game-BeatX14's avatar
Thanks man! Cloudchaser is one of my favorite background ponies and I haven't
made a wallpaper for her in years, so I figured this would be a good idea.
Game-BeatX14's avatar
Thanks man! And great job on the vector :D
Skie-Vinyl's avatar
No problem, and thanks :)
corruptioncore's avatar
Looks so amazing!
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