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First words

First Words

Hi and welcome,

We are young and new. We need your help to grow.
Help us by submitting your artwork and also invite your friends. Thanks :)

About Gallery Folders

Here we divide thing this way:
major categories:
3D and

minor categories:
Environments (full environments and environment modules),
Vehicles (any sort of transportation like cars, ships, spaceships, ...),
Weapons and
Props. (everything else)

Submission is unlimited but will be reviewed before acceptance!
Please, submit to the right category!

Please understand that we are trying to keep a certain degree of quality in this group, so no hard feelings if we don't accept a work!


Gallery Folders

The Deer Druid by Deydranos
Salt LowPoly by sstrikerr
FemaleDemonCol by overmind81
Note 8 Render by zoomzoom
2D - Characters
Pilot by Ganibhal
Swordsman by Maxak8
Salt ConceptArt by sstrikerr
Wild Hunter. by Maxak8
2D - Environment
Highland by Morxx
Dicetopia Board by SC4V3NG3R
Save Her Soul by sarichev
Reach - 1st level illustration by Kejlynda
2D - Vehicles
NAVY+NYPD Turret by Gottsnake
Xterrian gunship by Ivanuss
Old Car by blueavel
Dink Master Classic by MeckanicalMind
2D - Weapons
RECAP_Gun Explorations_1 by Jiahow
RECAP_Submachine gun 1 by Jiahow
IFX #157 Workshop by ElijahMcNeal
Electric Shotgun by ElijahMcNeal
2D - Props.
Necronomicon by CristianoReina
Sorcere's backpack by CristianoReina
Vampire tomb by CristianoReina
DOOM Tablet variants. by MeckanicalMind
3D - Characters
Martinus [COMBUSTION] by Littlenorwegians
Boosette by sstrikerr
Fire Boi by jasonwang7
3D - Environment
Dark Wizard's Tower by Sergey-Ryzhkov
Fantasy House 08 by Sergey-Ryzhkov
Gothic chapel by Kejlynda
Blacksmith by Morxx
3D - Vehicles
Plymouth Fury 1958 Rusty by Sergey-Ryzhkov
Volkswagen T1 Rusty 3D by Sergey-Ryzhkov
Toyota Corolla E70 Rusty by Sergey-Ryzhkov
Volkswagen Passat B2 by Sergey-Ryzhkov
3D - Weapons
Lever rifle by NamNguyen3D
COMA Heavy Rifle Concept (for robots) by Gottsnake
Project FOG - Nailgun Concept Art Overview by AranniHK
Project FOG - Nailgun Concept Art POV by AranniHK
3D - Props.
Bauer 88B 8mm Movie Camera Cinema 4D Redshift by botshow
High-Poly Sculpts
Firefight Truck by sasa454
KudaMabok / Drunken Horse by Vusiuz






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GameMan93 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2015
Ah, I must have forgotten that I've tried submitting to you guys. Sorry about that, no hard feelings if you decline my deviations. :)
BrainNectar Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Did I put my work in the wrong folder?
Nelyia Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the request :) !
andr3d Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Professional General Artist
May I ask why my work was declined ?
BringMeASunkist Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hey man, I'd first like to say that it wasn't a personal decision at all and then follow that up by warning that the critique I provide is exclusive to me only; and is not the opinion of anybody else but my own.

That said, looking at your work it appears all of your stuff seems to have a shared theme of "attention to detail". And while that can work in some cases, I fear it deters from the overall composition in some of your pieces. So I'm going to tailor critique this to your missile turret specifically (which I assume is what you're inquiring about?)

First is the form. From a practical standpoint, I think your concept is very busy. If this was a real turret, there is so much exposed machinery that I fear every part of this would be a "weak point". If you look at any heavy militarized vehicle/ turret/ whatever, there are a lot of flat, armor-plated surfaces to protect machinery from a direct hit and to deflect projectiles from an angle. But that's just a practical critique.

From a visual standpoint, the piece is overwhelmingly busy. The silhouette is awesome but there was nowhere for my eye to rest on; it just darted around from various areas of equal detail. I'd study up on high frequency/ low frequency noise and how it relates to designing art. Also, I read an interview recently where the art director for the new Batman: Arkham Knight discussed how he designed the batmobile. He compared his design process to a commercial air plane. A plane is made of almost entirely flat surfaces that serve an aerodynamic purpose. However when the plane starts landing and the brakes come out of the wings, intricate machinery is exposed. Important to note is that while the flaps decrease the aerodynamics of the plane, they still maintain some sort of aerodynamics and therefore continue protecting the more fragile parts of the machinery from the direct force of the air. In short, the batmobile is designed with purpose, and the new batsuit will compliment that with the same design principals. I share that story because I think it's a brilliant design philosophy that I would love to see extended to more artists' works on paper.

Next is color. I'm not going to go too far into the color palette because that's such a subjective topic, but red and green are complimentary colors and in this case clash. Your concept is already busy with detail but by adding complimentary colors, it's a large factor as to why my eye dances all over the piece and never rests. If this were a black and white piece with less visual noise, I think I would have an easier time distinguishing your shapes and therefore more easily use this as a concept to then recreate in a 3D application.

I mentioned that your artistic style is high in detail, and in some cases that works for you, but I personally feel that the missile turret concept was not one of those cases. And again, I cannot stress enough that this is my personal opinions and if you do not agree with me, I will not be butthurt.
andr3d Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Professional General Artist
First of all, thank you very much for completely comprehensive answer and good words :) (Smile)  You, of course , is partly right in your opinion. Many repetitive elements i use to give fantastic and some organic look  (see invertebrates , radiolaria , etc.) It's not uncommon thing in different design. About color - I just love this gamma.I work as 3D modeler for a long time and saw horrible concepts which i had to realize in 3D :) (Smile)  So don't take it too much seriosly
YENIN Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for choosing my work)
amirabd2130 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
you're quite welcome ;) Nice work
ChrisIsaak Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Student Artist
Need a programmer to bring your game idea to live? 
2D - Android / PC
PM me. ;)
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