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:bulletred:Benvenuti su Game-Art-Pixel!!! Questo gruppo ha lo scopo di riunire tutti gli appassionati di pixel art, un tipo di arte può sembrare molto semplice all'apparenza, ma in realtà dietro questa tecnica "minimale" si nasconde un potenziale enorme, in grado di dare vita a splendidi lavori che non hanno niente da invidiare ad altri stili artistici (fotomanipolazione, disegno digitale etc..).

:bulletred:Nessun requisito!

Principianti o professionisti, la cosa importante
per entrare in questo gruppo è la passione per la pixel art!!
Quindi cosa aspettate???
Portiamo avanti questa passione tutti assieme :D
Carichiamo la nostra arte, diffondiamola, discutiamone!

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:bulletred:Welcome on Game-Art-Pixel!!! This group is born with the purpose of gather all the pixel artists, a kind of art that can seem very simple in appearance, but in reality behind this "minimal technique" hides a big potential.

:bulletred:No requirement!

Student drivers or professionals, the important thing
in order to enter in this group it is the passion for the pixel art!
Therefore what waited for?
We get ahead this passion together all :D
We load our art, let us diffuse it, let us discuss of it!

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:bulletred: Bienvenido a Juego-Art-Pixel !!! Este grupo pretende reunir a todos los fans de pixel art, un género de arte puede semejar muy simple a la apariencia, pero en realidad tras esta técnica "minimale" esconde un enorme potencial, capaz de dar vida a las obras sorprendentes que no tienen nada que envidiar a otros estilos artísticos (photomanipulation, diseño digital, etc ..).

:bulletred: No hay requisito!

Principiantes o profesionales, la cosa importante
para entrar en este grupo es la pasión para el pixel arte!!¿Pues que esperadas???Llevamos a continuación esta pasión todo conjunto :D
¡Encargamos nuestro arte, extendemos el, discutimos en!

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Lingua Italiano: E ' un gruppo che ha come obiettivo quello di mostrare i lavori degli artisti di Pixel Art. Iscriviti ed invita i tuoi amici nel gruppo aiutaci a farlo crescere, grazie!!

English Language: It is a group that aims to show the works of Pixel Art artists. Sign up and invite your friends to the group help us to make it grow, thank you!!

Langue Française: C'est un groupe qui a pour objectif de montrer les œuvres d'artistes du Pixel Art. Inscrivez-vous et invitez vos amis dans le groupe, aidez-nous à le faire grandir, merci!!
Founded 10 Years ago
Nov 7, 2011


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Art Creation

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Digital Media

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The group: GAME-ART-PIXEL, is urgently looking for new Collaborators and Administrators, to help manage the group, at least 2 or 3 times a month, it should not be a very demanding thing you just have to look at the works in case added in folders and move them and possibly post new works in Pixel Art, in the favorites folder etc from time to time. Write your application under this post or contact the Founder: Gladiatore79, we need further support and new aid manpower to get the group back on its feet and get it back on track. Thanks for your attention, anyone who wants to apply but must at least know the basics of Pixel Art.
Freccia By Donato Scicutella
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Crystalia Tsunami by Vayliya
19th century study room ~ revived by Cutiezor
Hut, animated by fool
Pirate treasure by Socnau
Characters end Sprites
Steam du Pixel (animated) by sganderson2
Jake Idle 001 by FontesMakua
Final Fantasy VII - Re-Demake by Cyangmou
Commission: Lilyiena Sprite 1 by L3Moon-Studios
S H O P by DangerouslySlowCat
Kitchen by irritadahbbo
Bake and Flower Shop by DangerouslySlowCat
Restaurant by irritadahbbo
Various Objects_5 by kaine-87
Pixel Art: Objects Sprite Sheet by beeto456
G L O B E by DangerouslySlowCat
Sprite and pixel art of objects, furniture by LebbitBunny
Fire. Animation by Mangust-art
Pixel of the Colossus by getdarwin
Frog Head (hair?) Girl [ animated ] by HNniner
Fontain for square. Animation by Mangust-art
Animals and Monsters
Cameron - a sweep of Fall by Kolewazaki-san
{Commission} - utahraptor animated pixel doll by LeoKatana
Red Panda by SovanJedi
Bird Sprites 3 by AntiDarkHeart
Howl's Moving Castle by AlbertoV
Pixel Art Scene 20201114 by non248
Pixel Art Scene 20201120 by non248
Tropical Pixels by SpaceyStrife
Sonya Belmont Fanart by quinqui
Bun bun by SmolQueenBean
[$] Razuberi Doll [NF2U] by King-Lulu-Deer
[$] Min Jae Doll [NF2U] by King-Lulu-Deer
Pagedoll: Ib by LazeeB
Pill Bottle Avatar by King-Lulu-Deer
[R] Alpaca Plushie [NF2U] by King-Lulu-Deer
Teru Teru Bozus by King-Lulu-Deer
free kawaii cupcake by miemie-chan3
rayman-style by rotemuChan
General Vehicles, Planes, Cars, Trucks, etc.
Aventador - Lamborghini by dokitsu
The Four Seasons by ClefairyKid



Gallery Folders

K i t c h e n by DangerouslySlowCat
Pixel Art. Isometric. House 1 by MimiMiaART
DreamRoom_ending2020 by AliceGothic
Kawaii pixel art isometric room by galaxxieart
Nicole Watterson burning Alfrely by Jarquin10
Cuore 2 By Donato Scicutella GL79 by Gladiatore79
Blue's Clues Notebook-avatar by Lady-Pixel
The Tiny Horse Art RPG Show thropies by UszatyArbuz
Characters end Sprites
DOOM-style Concept: Halo Human Banished Enemies by Mryayayify

Mature Content

Sprite Commission: Yoko by L3Moon-Studios
Megaman FA: Tango Adaptor by Mryayayify
DOOM Concept Sprite: SLC Mormon Resistance Fighter by Mryayayify
Gothic 2D pixel-art by aamatniekss
Sonic FA: She had to do this, Tails. :( by Mryayayify
Sonic FA: Training with Little Brother. by Mryayayify
How Lilac's Dad met the Magister by Mryayayify
Animals and Monsters
Lama By Donato Scicutella Gladiatore79 by Gladiatore79
Horse Run Cycle by Aliuh
Gnar as Pixels by whomederarts
King Of The Clouds by Yakurow
Collage 4 spade by Donato Scicutella GL79 by Gladiatore79
GB Windows by MafiaLace
GB Doorways by MafiaLace
GB Extras 1 by MafiaLace
Tutorials Pixel Art
Chibi Tutorial by eloel
Atlantis - Timelapse by jokov
Pixel Tutorial by Riukkii
Ultimate LSW: Tutorial by qsab101

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Gladiatore79 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2021   Digital Artist
Ciao cari amici, membri e visitatori del gruppo, sono un italiano, il Fondatore, del gruppo, sto cercando di riordinare le varie cartelle poiché alcune immagini sono state aggiunte nelle sezioni sbagliate, tuttavia vi invito a seguire il gruppo e magari chiedi ai nuovi visitatori di iscriversi sarai BENVENUTO!!! Invita i tuoi amici nel gruppo, ti aspettiamo!!!
Shen-fn-Woo Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2021  Student Traditional Artist
This is a form letter, yes, but bare with me please:

May I advertise for a sprite artist?  My latest journal has the details, but I can't find where I could contribute to the journal.

I'll still look forward to tutorials and other artist's examples, whatever the case
Gladiatore79 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2021   Digital Artist
Nel gruppo c'è solo Pixel Art e non disegni tradizionali.
Shen-fn-Woo Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2021  Student Traditional Artist
:shrug:  I dunno
Lady-Pixel Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
i think i put my stuff in the word folder:o (Eek) 
Gladiatore79 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2021   Digital Artist
Dimmi qual era il disegno?
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i don't understand
Gladiatore79 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2021   Digital Artist
Ciao, sto ordinando le cartelle.
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