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Heya, I had the idea recently to do a weekly journal with an interview between me and Game-Art-HQ Group members.

I would ask you 5-8 questions related to video games, art, deviantART and other related topics.

If you find this idea funny and you would like to be featured, simply mention it via a comment or directly PM me

Greets and a ..healthy good time everyone!

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I'd be more than happy to get featured.
Hopefully, I'm worthy enough to get interviewed that is!
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Ooh, sounds interesting :)
demonic-brute's avatar
I'm in. Sounds fun :la: 
freqrexy's avatar
I'm up for it x) I admit Animal Crossing has pinned me down when it comes to artwork as of late, but it's been keeping me sane at least, lol.
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Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Yup, made two interviews and they will go online on Friday :-) 
Funny! Let's try... XD
alienorb's avatar
Cool idea! I'm in, if/when you need more people.
TheDuckofIndeed's avatar

I'd like to do this, too.

Dawgweazle's avatar
Unless I'm too newbie, I could do that ...
Foxofwonders's avatar
I'd be interested! :)
Icy-Bunnii's avatar
If you need more people for this, I'm cool with it. :thumbsup:
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
I still remember your first contribution for a GA-HQ Project..back for Link's Blacklist..IF I remember it right without checking your portfolio lol 

Am going to send you a PM later today
Icy-Bunnii's avatar
I think it was, yes! Or maybe it was a Friend list? I'm pretty sure it was one of those.

And cool, sounds great! :3
mortalshinobi's avatar
sure. i'd be good with it.
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Awesome,  since you are on board since our start in..when was it..2012? 2013?  You are basically one of the best persons for the first one :)

I send you a PM later today, I think Thursday or Friday is a good day to publish these weekly journals
mortalshinobi's avatar
hehe. yeah. been awhile hasn't it? ^^ look forward to it
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