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We got 13 excellent submissions for our Super Nintendo contest and the winners were chosen. I myself ( :iconreinhold-hoffmann: ) as well as five other Game-Art-HQ members had the difficult task to choose the winners. Because honestly, every one of the artists deserves a price and more than 3 of the artworks can be described as equally great actually.

The prizes are the following:

40 Dollars, paid via Paypal for the 1st Prize,
20 Dollars as the 2nd Prize

We also have a pool of games on Steam as prizes for all artists that received at least one vote by our art judges like Wasteland 2, Broken Sword 5 and many more.

Each of the art judges got the task to choose five of the artworks, the first pick gets 5 points, the 2nd gets 4 and so on. The winners are determined as soon as all of the art judges submitted their votes. This means that this journal will be updated multiple times thjis week until we have all votes together.

The winners are:

Welcome To Yoshi's Island by Myaco
Welcome To Yoshi's Island by Myaco (26 Points)

One of the most detailed..and cute Yoshi's Island Fan Arts we have ever seen, drawn with traditional tools. 4 of us 6 art judges gave it the 5 point honor.

Excellent work and congratulations  Myaco $40 are yours for your work!

Earthworm Jim - Junkit by cubehero
Earthworm Jim - Junkit by cubehero ( 17 Points)

There were a lot tributes to the awesome Earthworm Jim, but this submission totally catched the mood of the game and the character. Excellent work cubehero !

All other votes:

Bin Chicken by 2dforever
Bin Chicken by 2dforever (15 Points)

Maui Mallard by Panagiotis Vlamis by weaselpa
Maui Mallard by weaselpa (9 Points)

The Awakening by AyamiKGarcia
The Awakening by AyamiKGarcia (8 Points)

the 16 Bit King by HOwLing-MAdFoxHatter
the 16 Bit King by HOwLing-MAdFoxHatter ( 7 Points)

Bombs Away! by Altarior
Bombs Away! by Altarior (3 Points)

Terra by soSiiCK
Terra by soSiiCK (3 Points)

Super Nova - Darius Force by FranjoGutierrez
Super Nova - Darius Force by FranjoGutierrez ( 2 Points)

Actually all artists that received at least one point by the art judges are receiving one of the games on steam we have available right now!

The Art Judges are / were

LukeTheRipper ( Part of Game-Art-HQ since around 5 years, member of the GA-HQ Group Art Judges Team and Mod in our Discord Channel)
freqrexy (Active member and one of the Contest supporters through Patreon, also one of the GAHQ Group Admins since months)
EdMoffatt (Active Member since years, Art Judge, Contest Supporter through Patreon)
Julien Gabriel (The Wild Card in our Team, not an artist but a gamer since around 30 years)
Twarda8 (Active GAHQ Member since years)
Reinhold-Hoffmann (Founder / Admin of GA-HQ)

Only 2-3 of the art judges of this contest will return for the next one, the art judges are always one person that is not an artists and sees the submissions from a view of a gamer while the others are a part of our community since years.

Check out our Discord channel at

If you like this contest and want to support future contests in our group, please consider to help getting a prize pot together for the next contest via all donations are used for these contests and no private use of any form.

The next contest will again be about a game console, but more about it in a few weeks!
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Azurelly Featured By Owner May 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww I missed it :'D

But there are a bunch of very pretty pictures here.
Congratulations to the lucky winners! :clap:
AyamiKGarcia Featured By Owner May 3, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats to all the winners and thanks so much!! Next time I'll do better ;)<3
Myaco Featured By Owner May 3, 2018  Student General Artist
OMG! Emoji04
I'm very, very SURPRISED and HAPPY!
Thank you endlessly! 2 Hearts Emoji I really don't thought I could win. Everytime when I take a look in this group I'm so surprised how talended all artists here are! I really admire all pictures here! Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (My kawaii plushie) [V6] 
SkullKidRoss Featured By Owner May 3, 2018
Those Yoshi and Earthworm Jim pieces are awesome, well worthy winners~!
weaselpa Featured By Owner May 2, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Congrats to all that participated! Great work, everyone!
cubehero Featured By Owner May 2, 2018
Thanks for this contest and the votes on my submission!

Congratulations Myaco ! That artwork looks like so much work, and I am happy that it got the deserved recognition! BlazBlue - Celica 5A (right) 
Myaco Featured By Owner May 3, 2018  Student General Artist
OMG dankeschön! <3 Ich habe wirklich sehr lange an dem Bild gesessen. Es waren fast drei Wochen. xD
Dir auch herzlichen Glückwunsch! Ich finde deine Maltechnik total beeindruckend! Die Pinselstruktur ist total locker und doch wieder präzise! Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 
cubehero Featured By Owner May 10, 2018
Wow, super! Man merkt wirklich, dass sehr viel Arbeit in dein Bild gesteckt ist! Und das auch noch mit traditionellen Medien, da hätte ich ja sehr viel Angst, einen Fehler zu machen. Mio (Scared) [V2]
Die Farben sind richtig toll geworden!
Danke! Freut mich, wenn es so rüberkommt, eigentlich habe ich das Gefühl, nicht locker genug zu malen Mio (Surprised) [V2] 
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