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Just a few days ago I had the idea to use a weekly journal to let 1-3 group members introduce themselves a bit through a few questions I ask them about their games, art, dA and other topics.

Both of the first two artists are members of Game-Art-HQ since years now, Mortalshinobi even since the start back in 2012!

Despite the changes at dA, please have a good read, I hope these interviews are fun to read, and help to get to know some of the group members a bit better!
Cheers and a nice weekend everyone!


Nobody from the USA is an active member of Game-Art-HQ and Fighting Games Elite, basically, since I (Nobody ) started these groups in 2011 & 2012. He participated in our Mortal Kombat Tribute which was the first of many in art collaborations and joined also a lot of our other projects and challenges later.

He draws a ton of very different artworks, is a big fan of Stan Lee and like myself also a fan of the Mortal Kombat series.

Hello Mortalshinobi, you are a part of the Game-Art-HQ Community since it started back in March 2012 and you contributed more than ten
video game illustrations for the different art collaborations. Would you say this group is something special for you and maybe on dA in general or are you contributing artworks for many groups in a similar number?

hmm.. I would say the fighting game group, fighting-games-elite is a bigger part of my endeavors as I generally go into more specific groups though i always enjoy seeing what work goes in to the general game art hq galleries. there are some groups i do tend to drop more stuff on like the fighting-game-elite or the yorha-2b group since they're more things i draw more often rather than being so generalized.

I know that you are - like myself - a fan of the Mortal Kombat games. This series went through a ton of big changes, from the old 2d graphics and gameplay to the "3d era"
during the Playstation 2 time and a return to 2d gameplay but many new features in 2011 until today.

hmm.. I actually recently dropped off the MK series cuz it got overly political and I wasn't fond of the designs or character roster. however; from the olden titles, I think my preferred ones are deadly alliance which introduced a new combat system and my fave MK character, Nitara. it had a good balance of characters and some nice newbies. mortal kombat II is fairly close there as well with a decent roster, easy enough to pick up and the gore opened up in there. probably followed by mk9 that just had a fun look to it if a bit exaggerated on the sexuality. another easy to pick up game.

What are your favorite games of the long-running series still and why?

hmm.. I don't play as much as i used to as it feels like my time is used up so I generally just pick up fighters to play that don't take long, my fave being dead or alive 6 which i've probably overplayed.

Since Mortal Kombat X, the series got many new characters while many old ones got new designs and movesets to make them more interesting or kinda badass in comparison to their older versions. Like Stryker, the cop from Mortal Kombat 3 comes to mind who got a serious overhaul in Mortal Kombat 9 (2011).
Which one(s) of the new characters since Mortal Kombat X is your favorite and which returning character got the best overhaul in your opinion?

hmm... I like drawing a variety of things but i suppose my favorites are probably women i find attractive like annie leonhardt or 2b. so my favorite thing to draw is often my favorite characters.

Show me and the GA-HQ community three of your own favourite deviations! (add the thumbs of your 3 favourites deviations please)

DeviantART also went through many changes over the years, which ones did you like or dislike the most?

as for da's changes. I've been okay with most changes. I actually enjoy the "more like this" feature which allows me to see more art related to what i'm looking at or see some fave oldies that i enjoyed that may sometimes be hard to find manually. i'm not that big on the new 'eclipse' version as that seems to make the site look too similar to the other sites and not make it stand out at all. overall i enjoy da and hope it stays around for many more years

Thanks a lot for your answers!


The 2nd Interview is with Nobody also from the USA and an active member of Game-Art-HQ since her first piece that for Link's Friendlist, our relative small art collaboration about the side protagonists in the Legend of Zelda games. She continued to be an active part of the group till today, her last submissions were three sages from the LoZ Oracle games! She is a very big fan of the Legend of Zelda games, especially The Wind Waker game :)

Heya, Icy, you are a part of the GA-HQ Community since 2014 now and your submission of Tetra in our Link's Friendlist Project. Later you participated in more art collaborations and also your contests and art challenges.

Say what do you like..and dislike the most in the Game-Art-HQ Group?

Ahh I was so happy to get to be a part of this awesome group! I don't feel I have anything I particularly dislike about it? I've never had any trouble or complaints that I can recall. What I like about it is how active you are as an admin and always coming up with different challenges and projects. Even if I don't find interest in every single project or lacked time to enter in some, I still admire how many types of projects you come up with! Many groups aren't that dedicated, and I know how it can get hard to run a group so kudos for still being so on top of it!

Its kinda hard to notice that you are not a giant fan of the Legend of Zelda games and especially The Wind Waker game.

What made this game and its characters like Tetra so special to you?

Aahhaha! Yeah it's true that one look at my gallery reveals my massive love for Wind Waker! I love it so much because it was the game that got me interested in the Zelda series. The style, expressions and colors drew me in where the previous games did not. The more...grungy style and serious tone of the previous games made me assume it was some fighting game for boys, so it did not appeal to me as a young elementary-school-aged girl. But once I saw how awesome and fun Wind Waker was, I was much more open to trying other titles, and ended up liking the other ones I did play! As for Tetra, I honestly did not like her on my first run or two of the game. I wasn't fond of her personality, but then that exact same personality is why I later changed into a fan. :'D It's so weird, but I stopped seeing it as bratty I guess, and found her sass amusing and funny, especially when it's with Toon Link (which is how I became a shipper of them too, whoops). I tend to fall for sassier characters in general with many games, and in all honesty I'm not entirely sure why that is, since I don't even like those types of people in real life. x'''D I think part of it is because they have a confidence I wish I had even a fraction of, and get a kick out of the interactions with others around them.

Recently you drew three of the characters from the Legend of Zelda "Oracle" games for our ongoing game character collaboration. Personally I loved the Game Boy LoZ's, but they never went even half as popular than, lets say Link's Awakening. How it comes that you choose these three rather unpopular characters from old games only a few gamers even remember?

Yeah it is kinda out of my usual choice to draw for, especially since I actually never even got around yet to playing the Oracle games myself! :']] I was just drawn to their designs, and how their differeing personalities and talents are easily seen just by the official artworks of them. I legitimately had fun trying to do the same on that project, as well as enjoyed their color palattes!

What are your favourite games beside the Legend of Zelda ones and what are your favourite games release in the last 2 years?

Besides Zelda, I've also enjoyed several Mario titles, my favorite of them being Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.
In the past two years I admittedly have not been doing a whole lot of gaming due to going through a bunch of major life changes, but I did play BoTW in the spring of 2018! I haven't played anything since then myself, but I watched my sister play and beat Mario Odyssey last year, which was just as fun!

What is the hardest part during the creation of a new artwork for you?

Ahh the hardest part of creating a new piece...I think right now it's trying to make it interesting visually, and being satisfied with the idea/pose/etc in the drafting stage. Also sometimes finding energy is really difficult, I have many ideas I want to draw, but it's hard to scrounge up enough energy after a long, tiring day at work to get myself started sometimes!

Share three of your favourite artworks by other artists with the community, Any kind of art is allowed, it does not have to be video game related

Ooh okay, here's some pieces I really like:

Last question of our first interview journal: If you could create a video game, what would be its Name? :-)

Hmm I've on occasion would brainstorm for kicks a video game if I could make one. xD I am terrible at coming up with titles in general, so figuring out a name is hard! But it would be amazing if I could help with another Wind Waker timeline game, right in between Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, featuring all the original Wind Waker characters. Ugh, I've been sitting here for a while trying to think of a decent name for it, but I'm not sure! my apologies for that. :'D

Thanks for the interview, it was fun! x3


Thanks a lot @ both of you, lets see ya next Friday with another pair of interviews :-)

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Neat. For some reason I didn't really know Icy-Snowflakes :gallery:
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That was fun, thank you! :D It's fun to read what you asked others, too!
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I totally feel you on the sassy character bit. :'D
I could never pinpoint why I enjoyed sassy characters, but reading your description made me realise that could very well be it. Thinking about it a bit more, I think it's also fun when their confidence is tested, to see if it was justified. Overall I guess part of what makes them fun is their unpredictable nature. What's important to sassy characters can be pretty difficult to guess. Sassy characters can turn out to be very loyal when pushed, using their sass to shield them from having their loyalty easily abused. They can turn out to be rebellious or have trouble dealing with emotions, not caring what others think of them. They can turn out to be overconfident or want to appear 'bigger' than they really are, to hide their weakness. You never really know in advance.
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Ah yeah good point! I think when push comes to shove, their outer demeanor does not define their true character, so the unpredicatbility is very fun. I think I like the ones who are sassy but not the ones who are just sassy alone, but the ones who display good character and building relationships when the situation brings it out of them. :3
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heh. i think one of the questions answers here got flipped as i don't remember when you asked me my fave character in the updates for mk. though i'd say both stryker and mileena are my faves on the updates, able to use stryker's gun more accurately (since i didn't do ultimate mk3 back when) and able to combine mileena's roll into simple combos.