The GA-HQ CROSSOVER Art Contest 2015 - Win $50!

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Just a reminder, the contest ends together with this lovely rainy first Sunday in 2016, currently 12 hours are left :-)

Finally the time has come for our yearly art contest, the theme and challenge this year are selected crossover ideas.

Below you can find a list of crossover ideas and you can pick up one of them. Its always with at least one video game character, game or series included versus another one, or in some cases also non videogame characters.

You don't have to mention that you participate or which idea you are picking.

There will be three prizes, $50 and $25 x2 The winners are picked through 10 Game-Art-HQ members that act as the jury.

Rules are only to pick one of the ideas below and to draw them without nudity.
The deadline is Sunday the 3rd January 2016.

You can submit them to the regular submission folder here but you have to mention it in the description that it was made for the GA-HQ Crossover Art Contest, in the best case you also mention that in the title already.

If you have any other questions, just ask via comment.

Good luck in the contest, may this be a real challenge and much fun for you as well!

Battletoads vs Turtles
Golden Axe vs Lords of the Ring
Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter
Kirby vs Hello Kitty
Lara Croft vs The Punisher
Legend of Zelda vs Star Wars
Final Fantasy vs Dragon Ball Z
Mega Man vs Super Mario Bros
F-Zero vs WipeOut
Mike Haggar from Final Fight vs Brock Lesnar (WWE Wrestler)
Jinx from League of Legends vs Harley Quinn or Tank Girl
The Last Of Us vs Resident Evil
Grand Theft Auto vs Pokemon
Borderlands vs Mad Max (Whole Universe, includes classic characters from the first 3 movies)
Simon Belmont vs Christopher Lee
Johnny Cage vs Jean Claude Van Damme
Diablo Universe vs the He-Man Universe
Mass Effect vs Star Trek
Capcom vs Nintendo
Call of Duty vs Real Life Dictators (Including dead ones)
Additional Ideas by the GA-HQ Community so far:
Samurai Warriors vs Sengoku Basara
Resident Evil vs the Left 4 dead monsters
Star Wars vs Crazy Taxi
Turok vs Pokemon
Turok vs Tomb Raider
Rayman vs Mario
Lol vs Dota
Street Fighter vs Streets of Rage
Blast Corps vs Sim City
Lara Croft vs The Predator
Sim City vs Sin City
Solid Snake versus the Forsaken Fortress in Wind Waker
Mario Kart vs Motorstorm
Modnation Racers vs Dirt
Gears of War vs One Piece
Killzone vs Looney Tunes
Shonen Jump/Shueisha vs Square Enix
Shonen Jump/Shueisha vs Capcom
Legend of Zelda versus Peter Pan
Ace Attorney vs. Danganronpa
Persona Q vs. Pocket Fighter (Chibi spinoff game wars!!!)
League of Legends vs. Heroes of the Storm
Dragon's Crown vs Golden Axe/Dungeons and Dragon
Darkstalkers vs classic movie monsters
Chrono Trigger vs. Dr. Who
Assassin's Creed vs. Game of Thrones
Legend of Zelda vs. Adventure Time
Red Dead Redemption vs. Deadwood
Mario Kart vs. Mad Max
Professor Layton vs. Sherlock Holmes
Limbo vs. Oregon Trail
Ice Climbers vs. Frozen
Don't Starve vs. Beetlejuice
Pokemon vs. Avatar: The Last Airbender
Ghost Trick vs. Ghostbusters
Banjo-Kazooie vs. Sesame Street
Okami vs. Banksy
Fat Princess vs. Princess Bride
Kirby vs. Epic Meal Time
Metroid vs. Alien
Shadow of the Colossus vs. Attack on Titan
Punch-Out vs. Rocky
Contra vs. Commando
Call of Duty vs Sonic the Hedgehog
Crash Bandicoot vs. Rayman
MegaMan vs. King of Fighters
Solid Snake vs. Snake Pliskin
Dynasty Warriors vs The Warriors (Movie)
Ken from Street Fighter vs. Ken from Barbie
Justin Bieber vs. Leon S. Kennedy
Skrillex vs. Jet Set Radio
Metallica vs Donkey Kong Country
M.Bison (Street Fighter) vs. Donald Trump
Solid Snake vs. Snake Pliskin
Jurassic Park vs. Primal Rage
Sephiroth vs Link (Zelda)
Ryo Hazuki (Shenmue) vs. Karate Kid
Poison (Street Fighter) vs. A real world porn actor (every possible gender is allowed!)
Earthworm Jim vs Lara Croft (Modern Lara Croft)
League of Legends vs. Robot Masters from the MegaMan Games
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Hiyoo lo_, me Entry here ~> Lara Vs. Predator by DemonLeon3D
i hope you like :P