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The Playstation Brand /Console series celebrates its 20th Anniversary in December and i bet the most of you have some good memories of games on the first Playstation console.

From the first games on the console like RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRiiiiidge RRRRRRRRRRacer of the favourite games of Kaz Hirai ;)
and following hits like Tekken, Battle Arena Toshinden, WipeOut, Twisted Metal, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Metal Gear Solid and of course Gran Turismo to the last big hits like Resident Evil 3 in 1999 or Final Fantasy IX in 2000.

Every game can be claimed by up to 3 artists

This project started on the 25th October 2013, the absolute deadline is the 1st November 2014.

We got a ton of visitors for Link's Blacklist, and this Idea sounded to me like it could be an awesome art gallery as well and be a better choice than to organize something for multiple consoles.

List of games which could be part of a Playstation Tribute, you can also mention other games if you want to participate in this project with them. This is all about the games we played and loved through the PSX Era, and everyone prefers different games of course!

Not claimed by anyone yet:

Motor Toon Grand Prix

Arc The Lad
Battle Arena Toshinden
Destruction Derby
Jumping Flash!

Alien Trilogy
Bust A Move 2 Arcade Edition
Crash Bandicoot
Die Hard Trilogy
International Track & Field
Jet Moto
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Return Fire
Twisted Metal 2

Ace Combat 2
Armored Core
Bushido Blade
Colony Wars
Cool Boarders 2
Dynasty Warriors
Fighting Force
Nightmare Creatures
Nuclear Strike
Parappa The Rapper
Time Crisis
Moto Racer
Wild Arms

Gex: Enter The Gecko
Gran Turismo
Grand Theft Auto
Hot Shots Golf
Jade Cocoon
Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit
Pocket Fighter
Rival Schools
WWF WarZone
Oddworld: Abe's Odyssee

Ape Escape
Chocobo Racing
Dance Dance Revolution
Medal of Honor
Quake II
R°Type Delta
Ridge Racer Type 4
Syphoon Filter
Tomba! 2
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
WipeOut 3

Chrono Cross
Collin Mc Rae Rally
Fear Effect
Incredible Crisis
WWF Smackdown

MegaMan X5
Dragon Warrior VII

Every game can be claimed by up to three artists

1994 Claimed
Ridge Racer claimed by :iconkalkri:
1995 Claimed
Loaded claimed by :iconc-r-o-f-t:

1996 Claimed:
Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen claimed by :iconleonidas666:
Mega Man 8 claimed by :iconthormeister: who draws a collection of all the bosses, Duo, Bass, Roll and MegaMan
Resident Evil by :iconscribbletati: draws Barry and Jill (Sandwich) DONE!
SoulEdge / SoulBlade claimed by :iconjoelchan: who draws Mitsurugi battling Hwang sung on the Desert path stage
Tomb Raider  claimed by :iconforty-fathoms: and :iconbenscott81: DONE! (Lara /T-Rex Scene) DONE!

1997 Claimed
Bloody Roar claimed by :iconfoefriend:
Castlevania Symphony of the Night claimed by :iconeclession: who modelled a 3D Alucard in a fight scene DONE
Final Fantasy VII claimed by :iconkiriya-kirihara: and :iconirahi:
Kowloon's Gate claimed by :iconevilapple513:
Tomb Raider II claimed by :iconpurpleground02: who draws Lara vs  the Gold Dragon DONE! and by :iconjodeee: who draws Lara in the Venetian Stage

1998 Claimed
Breath of Fire 3 claimed by :iconturtle-arts:
Bust A Groove claimed by :iconfischhead: who wants to draw a Group Shot image of the characters.
Crash Bandicoot 3 claimed by :iconporto881: who wants to create a pixel/32bit de-volution of the game
Final Fantasy Tactics claimed by :iconelihaun: ,
Klonoa claimed by :iconthepandamis:
MediEvil  claimed by :iconstinasketchbook: who wants to draw the resurrection of Sir Fortesque
MegaMan Legends claimed by :iconjoehoganart:
Metal Gear Solid claimed by :iconkierano4: who draws the Fox Hound group /the bosses of the game. claimed also by :iconmawnbak: DONE!
Parasite Eve claimed by :iconmdvillarreal:
Resident Evil II claimed by :iconimbisibol: who draws Claire Redfield in action
Spyro The Dragon claimed by :iconcorvusrone: who draws Spyro running down an alley from the Town Square realm
Tekken 3 claimed by :iconokateo: on 16.04
claimed by :icondarkrinoa88: who draws a group of the main characters + decorations
claimed by :icongrapiqkad: who wants to draw the typical Tencu action DONE!
Valkyre Profile claimed by :iconflavataste:

1999 Claimed:
Crash Team Racing claimed by :iconmihairadu: (draws the racing action with Crash in the foreground and 2-4 other characters involved too)
Final Fantasy VIII claimed by :iconthecuraga: DONE! by :icon EdMoffatt:
Dino Crisis claimed by :iconinside-joke: who draws the scene with the T-Rax attacking Regina through the window.
Ehrgeiz  claimed by :icondarkchapel666:
Grandia claimed by :iconc-puff:
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver claimed by :iconaemiliuslives: who draws Raziel gliding on his broken wings, maybe wielding the Reaver also claimed by :iconmgabric: DONE!
Legend of Dragoon claimed by :iconlauragalliart: by :iconcronoan: and by :iconluke-the-ripper:
SaGa Frontier 2 claimed by :iconangelus-tenebrae: DONE
Silent Hill claimed by :iconjorgelpagan: who draws harry going down an ally and piramid head close behind.his daughter is hiding by a trash can but he didn't see her.
Street Fighter Alpha 3  claimed by :iconyeti000:
Suikoden II claimed by :iconblackorb00: who draws the final battle


2000 Claimed:
007 The World is Not Enough claimed by :iconabelmvada:
Final Fantasy IX  claimed by :iconmizueyes777: and by :iconkaysa: :iconfedde:
Legend of Mana claimed by :icontuskat: DONE and by :iconkurama-chan:
Parasite Eve 2 claimed by :iconeddy-shinjuku: who draws Aya + Mitchochondrial Powers
Spyro: Year of the Dragon claimed by :iconsunsetthedragon: who wants to draw Spyro on a skateboard in the sunny villa and by :iconvfire:
Vagrant Story claimed by :iconmarvin000: and by :icontew-tew: and by :iconskull-the-kid:

Resident Evil 3 claimed by :iconmortalshinobi:  

Tomba! claimed by :iconllewxam888: </b>
Fear Effect 2 claimed by :icondanaki: on 13.02 DONE!

note that every game can be claimed by up to 3 artists and that you can also draw something for PS1 games which were not listed here yet

ps: please mention it what you want to draw /what kind of scenery would be drawn, so we can avoid to have three "Sephiroth Slashes Aerith in the back with Cloud and the others screaming in the background" :-)
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Fenrir--the-2nd's avatar
I'm ready :XD:

Gon has come

LauraGalliArt's avatar
I've finished it- in case I can still be included. In case it's not alright and I'm too late, don't worry. :)
Tribute- Legend of Dragoon- the Black Monster

Forgot- in case you need the high-res picture, I can send everything to you. Thank you and sorry again.
LauraGalliArt's avatar
I'm almost done ç__ç I'm also very sorry for the delay. Life and commission has drained life out of me. >_>
I'll have it done tomorrow or the day after tomorrow max. I'm also reminding Fenrir--the-2nd about his.
Nummonkee's avatar
hey, so here's mine, i'm so sorry for the delay!!! honestly, there were supposed to be six more characters in this but when i realized i wasn't going to finish i decided to do it in parts ;_;  since it's technically not even complete if you don't want to include it, i understand (i will change the description in that case, of course)
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Better late than never, I will create the gallery for it this week. Please send me a note with your personal thoughts about Final fantasy Tactics, the characters you drew and the scene itself and also your thoughts about the first Playstation console and what it meant to you.

If you are going to change the image, I don't have a problem to update the article on game-art-hq as well!
Nummonkee's avatar
okay, will send soon! thanks a bunch.
EvilApple513's avatar
Hope you're doing well.

Here's my submission. Thank you!…
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
That looks excellent..but its really fun to see this game being claimed..its among other so much more popular games and I bet only like 5% of all visitors will even know about it, but thats what makes our community so different from others I believe.

Beside Spyro, Final Fantasy and Resident Evil, some other not so popular games like Loaded were drawn for the project as well :-)
EvilApple513's avatar
Indeed, I agree.
C-Puff's avatar
I finished it in time!! Yaaaay! :heart:
I've submitted it to the group's general sorting folder. I hope that was right :) Thanks for letting me be a part! I hope I've done well enough for you.
Grandia - Playstation 20 years on by C-Puff
AbelMvada's avatar
Done (finally)! And here it is - What folder should I submit it to? Confused 
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Wow, from all the claimed games for the PSX Tribute your decision was really the most unsuspected one. I can almost not believe that this happened :-)

I just requested it for the right folder(s) , excellent work, I am impressed!
AbelMvada's avatar
Thank you very much! I'm so glad I finally got around to finishing this, and I'm very happy to have the opportunity to do something fun and slightly unusual.
James Bond Intro Scene 
Leonidas666's avatar
It is done Mylord!...but I cannot submit. Do not know why...
Here is the link…
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Alrighty, I have a question though, I did not play Legacy of Kain Blood Omen completely, is that from a specific scene in the game and is Kain bare chested there at a time? (I remember him being in armor)
Leonidas666's avatar
To be honest I researched it on Google and in some parts of the game, some videos, and some other art, he does appears to be with just a "breast armor/shoulder pad" so to speak. So, I did him like this.
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
It looks awesome, was very surprising for me to see someone calling dibs on a Need for Speed game but thats great, we have a super big variation of artworks now in the tribute!
Nummonkee's avatar
so "absolute deadline" means there's no way it's getting pushed back, right? heh...this whole time i was thinking i had til the end of november instead of the beginning *sweats profusely*
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
The thing is, the whole project will be online in the first december week since the ps1 was released on the 7th december, I am creating the galleries right now for those submissions I have like… but hope I have all galleries done in the first november weeks, am also working on a Tekken Tribute

I can give you a deadline till the 20th November as exception
Nummonkee's avatar
oh, i see. thanks, i'll still try to finish by the first.
it's because i wanted to get my link costume done by halloween >_>
Llewxam888's avatar
I made this one for Tekken a while back, maybe I forgot to post it on here hahah

I'm a little tempted to do another one since there's some time left.
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Don't worry, seems like there are a lot submissions for the PSX Tribute, so far I have around 25 but around 20 more confirmations by artists that their pieces would be submitted this month

I could use a bit help for the Tekken anniversary tribute though, a lot of the more important characters were not yet drawn for that one, have a look

Tekken 20th Anniversary Art Tribute - Round 2!Hello,
you most likely know one or more of the Tekken games and played some of them :-)  The series started back in December 1994 already, and i thought that just like we did it for Doom last year and Super Metroid this year, we could celebrate this series with an art tribute.
The idea is to get many of the game characters like Marshall Law, Nina Williams, Ling Xiaoyu and of course Jin, Kazuya and Heihachi illustrated while they perform one of their most known moves.
King the wrestler doing his Drop Kick as example or Heihachi one of his big uppercut moves.

Jin Kazama, Eddy Gordo or Lei Wulong in one of their Tekken 3 or 5 outfits would be great
Puzzletoad's avatar
this is the tribute we were talking about earlier yah? Is the piece for BoF2 still good to go or is that for a different show?
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