Our POKEMON Generation III Tribute (270/270)

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Gen3dathumb by Reinhold-Hoffmann

03.10.2018 Update:

1 - The first Gallery is online now since a couple of minutes

 252 Treecko using Energy Ball by ThePandamis and Absorb by Viral-Zone

Which you can see here: www.game-art-hq.com/128473/252…

We used a similar format like last year but updated the move and of course the artist descriptions. Big thanks goes also to the editor team of freqrexy Hedgey and shinragod for writing the move and Pokemon descriptions!

For more announcements regarding published galleries follow twitter.com/GameArtHQ Game-Art-HQ on Twitter.
You can also join our Discord channel here discord.gg/a5sc98Z

2 - we are almost done. only 26 more illustrations are needed to complete the Gen III Tribute. Please look at them, the 26 Pokemon are listed below and you are welcome to take 1-3 of them to get this Project finished.

3 - I wanted to delay the Project to March 2019 but if we have all illustrations together by the end of the October we might be still able to publish the main gallery for this big project on Christmas this year like we could in the last two years.

4. If you know artists that might be interested, please share this Journal with them.

5. Now lets get this big thing online and finished :)


Like announced, we start our Pokemon Generation III earlier than the previous 2 and you can claim your first pick right now!
The rules are for the most part the same as last year.

We illustrate the Pokemon without a background and use the .png format for them, so we have a transparent bg. The main theme is also to illustrate each Pokemon while it is performing one of its attacks, moves, abilities. Similar as in the 3 examples from last year.

The moves don't have to be from Generation III but since we are tributing Gen III, it would be awesome if you can pick a Gen III move or ability.
Here is a list of all Gen III Moves: bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wik…

Every artist can pick up to four Pokemon but only one at a time.
We got the previous two Art Collaborations done before Christmas and I hope we will be able to publish the Gen III Tribute again at Xmas.

If you pick a Pokemon today, you have a deadline of exact one Month. If you pick a 2nd Pokemon after you submitted your first one already after 7 days, you get again one month of a deadline for the 2nd one and so forth.

Please submit the illustrations in a size of at least 900 pixels wide, prefered are even bigger versions.

Please also mention that you made the illustration for the www.game-art-hq.com/ Generation III Pokemon Tribute and that everyone can join as long as Pokemon are still available via this journal

The illustrations will be published on Game-Art-HQ.com via galleries like www.game-art-hq.com/113885/the…

You are getting fully credited as usual in the galleries that feature your works, yourself and also describe the Pokemon Attacks & Abilities.

We are not describing the Pokemon itself anymore since we believe it might be better to have more personal texts there now.

If you submitted the Pokemon you picked, I am going to send you a PM with 1-3 questions like "What was your most fun experience with the Gen III games etc." to have individual content in all of the galleries directly from yourself!

Thats it for all the rules, now lets gonna catch 'em all for the third time! :-)

All Pokemon that were claimed by two artists already and are not available anymore:

 288 Vigoroth using Slash by Yggdrassal and Shadow Claw by Hedgey (10.01)
 376 Metagross using Meteor Mash by Yggdrassal and Hyper Beam by lilly-wise (22.12)

Completely done:

 262 Mightyena using Fire Fang by XyvernArtworks  Poison Fang by AuroraLion

 263 Zigzagoon using Thunderbolt by Sony-Shock and Mud Slap by Flames-Flare

 264 Linoone using Slash by Weredigo and Sand Attack by XyvernArtworks

 265 Wurmple using Poison Sting by Macuarrorro and Tackle by ArchaosTeryx

266 Silcoon using String Shot by Chari-Artist  and Iron Defense by Yggdrassal

 267 Beautifly using Morning Sun by 3Paula3 and Silver Wind by SkullKidRoss

 268 Cascoon using Electroweb by GlitzerKirby and Poison Sting by ShinyOotachi

 269 Dustox using Light Screen by xOwleyex and Silver Wind by ShadeofShinon

270 Lotad using Rain Dish by Ra-ooo and Grass Knot by LuckyNumber113

 271 Lombre using Rain Dance by hftran and Energy Ball by Yggdrassal
Ludicolo-Teeter Dance by Sandstormer Collab: Ludicolo Used Surf! by PitchBlackEspresso
 272 Ludicolo using Teeter Dance by Sandstormer and Surf by PitchBlackEspresso
Seedot used Bullet Seed! by GaiaNex Seedot used Nature Power! by freqrexy
 273 Seedot using Bullet Seed by GaiaNex and Nature Power by freqrexy
Nuzleaf Extrasensory by Koui Leaf Blade by Altarior
 274 Nuzleaf using Extrasensory by Koui  and Leaf Blade by Altarior
Shiftry Used Ominous Wind! by LukeTheRipper Shiftry Razor Wind by theSadSrook
 275 Shiftry using Ominous Wind by LukeTheRipper and Razor Wind by theSadSrook
Taillow used Secret Power! by freqrexy Taillow used Toxic! by Hedgey
 276 Taillow using Secret Power by freqrexy and Toxic by Hedgey
 277 Swellow using Brave Bird by Yggdrassal  and Sky Attack by AnOtterOne (03.01)
Wingull used Mist! by Chari-Artist Wingull used Roost! by Hadronia
 278 Wingull using Mist by Chari-Artist  and Roost by Hadronia
Pelipper Hydro Pump by Yggdrassal Pelipper uses roost! by JewelFluffyTails
 279 Pelipper using Hydro Pump by Yggdrassal  and Roost by JewelFluffyTails
Ralts used Extrasensory by Morshute Ralts used Skill Swap! by freqrexy
 280 Ralts using Extrasensory by Morshute  and Skill Swap by freqrexy
Kirlia Used Calm Mind! by LuckyNumber113 Kirlia used Charm by Edo--sama
 281 Kirlia using Calm Mind by LuckyNumber113  and Charm by Edo--sama
I'm eatin' your dreams. by Quartette  GA-HQ Gen III 2 - Gardevoir uses Wish by drjhordan
282 Gardevoir using Dream Eater by Quartette and Wish by drjhordan
Game-Art-HQ's Pokemon Art Collaboration - Surskit by c-r-o-f-t
 283 Surskit using Sweet Scent by ShinyOotachi and Water Sport by c-r-o-f-t
Whirlwind by Altarior Masquerain used Bug Buzz! by Little-Papership
 284 Masquerain using Whirlwind by Altarior and Bug Buzz by Little-Papership
Shroomish-Spore by Sandstormer Shroomish Bullet Seed by Yggdrassal
285 Shroomish using Spore by Sandstormer and Bullet Seed by Yggdrassal
BRELOOM USED HEADBUTT by Gad by Dreamgate-Gad The Breloom Swagger! by Kosmotiel
 286 Breloom using Headbutt by Dreamgate-Gad and Swagger by Kosmotiel #
It's always super effective. by Quartette Slakoth used Yawn! by nabhalim
 287 Slakoth using Attract by Quartette and Yawn by nabhalim
:thumb732998209: Slaking Used Low Sweep! by LukeTheRipper
 289 Slaking using Giga Impact by ChrisMoschler and Low Sweep by LukeTheRipper
Hidden Power by Altarior Nincada X-Scissor by Yggdrassal
 290 Nincada using Hidden Power by Altarior and X-Scissor by Yggdrassal
Ninjask used Baton Pass! by MechaKraken Ninjask used Fury Cutter  by Gad by Dreamgate-Gad
 291 Ninjask using Baton Pass by MechaKraken and Fury Cutter by Dreamgate-Gad
Shedinja using Phantom Force by Sa-Dui Shedinja Uses Phantom Force by PluivantLaChance
 292 Shedinja using Phantom Force by Sa-Dui  & by PluivantLaChance
:thumb727342015: Sleep talkin' by TheUltione
 293 Whismur using Hyper Voice by SkullKidRoss and Sleep Talk by TheUltione
 294 Loudred using Hyper Voice by Viral-Zone and also Hyper Voice by MeguBunnii
Exploud using Roar by TheFredricus Exploud using Hypervoice by demonic-brute
 295 Exploud using Roar by TheFredricus and Hyper Voice by demonic-brute
Makuhita used Smelling Salts! by freqrexy Makuhita Used Heavy Slam by brzozod526
 296 Makuhita using Smelling Salts by freqrexy and Heavy Slam by brzozod526
Hariyama used Bulk Up! by KayVeeDee Collab: Hariyama used Belly Drum! by PitchBlackEspresso
 297 Hariyama using Bulk Up by KayVeeDee and Belly Drum by PitchBlackEspresso
Azurill Use Bubble by ShinyOotachi Azurill Used Bounce! by aachi-chan
 298 Azurill using Bubble by ShinyOotachi  Bounce by aachi-chan
: Nosepass endured the hit by GlitzerKirby Nosepass used Rock Blast! by freqrexy
299 Nosepass with Sturdy by GlitzerKirby and Rock Blast by freqrexy
Skitty - Charm by Sigma-Astra Skitty Used Tail Whip! by AClockworkKitten
 300 Skitty using Charm by Sigma-Astra and Tail Whip by AClockworkKitten
Delcatty - Water Pulse by AuroraLion Delcatty used Thunderbolt by Hedgey
 301 Delcatty using Water Pulse by AuroraLion  and Thunderbolt by Hedgey
Sableye Used Power Gem by TamarinFrog Sableye Final by sphaeran
 302 Sableye using Power Gem by TamarinFrog and Shadow Ball by sphaeran
Mawile used Crunch! by nabhalim Mawile used Rain Dance by Hedgey
 303 Mawile using Crunch by nabhalim  and Rain Dance by Hedgey  
Aron used Metal Sound by MatureManyula Aron used Mud Slap! by Silval58
 304 Aron using Metal Sound by MatureManyula and Mud Slap by Silval58
Lairon Roar by Yggdrassal Lairon | Iron Defense by Solata Lairon used Iron Defence! by Saskle
 305 Lairon using Roar by Yggdrassal and Solata also Iron Defence by Saskle
Aggron used Iron Tail! by ShadeofShinon Aggron Roar by KelpGull
 306 Aggron using Iron Tail by ShadeofShinon and Roar by KelpGull
Meditite use attack Calm Mind Alpha by sir-rudolph Meditite Meditate by Yggdrassal
307 Meditite using Calm Mind by sir-rudolph and Meditate by Yggdrassal
Medicam hijump by Koui Fire Punch by Jemanite
 308 Medicham using High Jump Kick by Koui  and Fire Punch by Jemanite
Electrike used Spark by Irete Electrike Thunder Fang by Yggdrassal
309 Electrike using Spark by Irete and Thunder Fang by Yggdrassal
Manectric-Charge by Sandstormer GA-HQ Gen III 3 - Manectric used Signal Beam by drjhordan
 310 Manectric using Charge by Sandstormer and Signal Beam by drjhordan
Plusle used Helping Hand! by Weredigo Pulsle Thunderpunch by GlitzerKirby
311 Plusle using Helping Hand by Weredigo and Thunder Punch by GlitzerKirby
Minun - Charge by Azurllinate Minun used Spark! by Seyumei
312 Minun using Charge by Azurllinate and Spark by Seyumei
Volbeat used Tail Glow! by mi-spark Volbeat Flash by KelpGull
 313 Volbeat using Tail Glow by mi-spark and Flash by KelpGull
Illumise used Covet! by freqrexy Pokemon - Illumise used Wish! by cubehero
 314 Illumise using Covet by freqrexy and Wish by cubehero
Roselia used ingrain by EdMoffatt Roselia Used Ingrain! by Seyumei
 315 Roselia using Ingrain by both EdMoffatt and Seyumei
Gulpin Using Belch by PluivantLaChance Gulpin Using Belch by jyru
 316 Gulpin using Belch by PluivantLaChance and again Belch by jyru
Swalot used Sludge Bomb! by GaiaNex [ ART ] Swalot Used Toxic! by legharcan
 317 Swalot using Sludge Bomb by GaiaNex and Toxic by legharcan
Carvanha used Dive! by freqrexy Carvanha's Rough Skin! by Flames-Flare
 318 Carvanha using Dive by freqrexy and Rough Skin by Flames-Flare
Sharpedo used Scary Face! by Chari-Artist Sharpedo by 13alrog
 319 Sharpedo using Scary Face by Chari-Artist and Bite by 13alrog
Wailmer Used Strength by MudSaw Whirlpool 2.0 by Silval58
 320 Wailmer using Strength byMudSaw and Whirlpool by Silval58
 321 Wailord using Surf by SnowmanEX711 and Water Spout by Ra-ooo
:thumb725513455: Numel used Howl! by freqrexy
 322 Numel using Lava Plume by hftran and Howl by  freqrexy
Camerupt-Eruption by Sandstormer Camerupt Used Earth Power! by ShadeofShinon
323 Camerupt using Eruption by Sandstormer and Earth Power by ShadeofShinon
TORKOAL USED FLAME WHEEL by Gad by Dreamgate-Gad Torkoal Lava Plume by Yggdrassal
 324 Torkoal using Flame Wheel by Dreamgate-Gad  and Lava Plume by Yggdrassal
Spoink Uses Rest by PluivantLaChance Spoink uses Magic Coat by GlitzerKirby
 325 Spoink using Rest by PluivantLaChance and Magic Coat by GlitzerKirby
Grumpig used Magic Coat! by Ra-ooo Grumpig Used Zen Headbutt by SilverTheCreator
 326 Grumpig using Magic Coat by Ra-ooo and  Zen Headbutt by SilverTheCreator
Spinda used Teeter Dance! by DragonchildX Spinda Teeter Dance by shinragod
 327 Spinda using Teeter Dance by DragonchildX  and  also Teeter Dance by shinragod
:thumb723966721: Trapinch's Arena Trap! by Flames-Flare
 328 Trapinch using Sand Tomb by SkullKidRoss and Arena Trap by Flames-Flare
Hits Every Time by ImmortalTanuki Vibrava used Heat Wave! by freqrexy
 329 Vibrava using Feint Attack by ImmortalTanuki and Heat Wave by freqrexy
Earth Power by SchAlternate
 330 Flygon using Earth Power by SchAlternate  and Hone Claws by Altarior
Cacnea - Sand Attack by KelpGull Cacnea Used Needle Arm! by LuckyNumber113
331 Cacnea using Sand Attack by KelpGull  and Needle Arm by LuckyNumber113
Cacturne used Needle Arm by MudSaw GA-HQ Gen III 5 - Cacturne used Destiny Bond by drjhordan
 332 Cacturne using Needle Arm by MudSaw  and Destiny Bond by drjhordan
Astonishing Swablu! by Kosmotiel GA-HQ Gen III 4 - Swablu used Feather Dance by drjhordan
 333 Swablu using Astonish by Kosmotiel and Feather Dance by drjhordan
Altaria Sings! by Kosmotiel Rain Dance by Altarior
 334 Altaria using Sing by Kosmotiel and Rain Dance by Altarior
ZANGOOSE used FALSE SWIPE by SuperEdco Zangoose used Swords Dance! by Edo--sama
 335 Zangoose using False Swipe by SuperEdco and Sword Dance by Edo--sama
Seviper used Poison Tail by BlazeTBW Seviper Uses Venoshock by xOwleyex
 336 Seviper using Poison Tail by BlazeTBW and Venoshock by xOwleyex
Lunatone using Psychic by E1XBlaster Lunatone used Cosmic Power by Cortoony
 337 Lunatone using Psychic by E1XBlaster and Cosmic Power by Cortoony
Solrock used Cosmic Power by Cronoan Solrock uses Earth Power by GlitzerKirby
 338 Solrock using Cosmic Power by Cronoan and Earth Power by GlitzerKirby
BARBOACH used FUTURE SIGHT by SuperEdco Barboach Used Spark (Transparent Background) by brzozod526
 339 Barboach using Future Sight by SuperEdco and Spark by brzozod526
:thumb750068915: Whiscash used Aqua Tail! by Krisantyne Whiscash Magnitude by shinragod
 340 Whiscash using  Aqua Tail by Krisantyne and Magnitude by shinragod
Corphish - Crab Hammer by GogglesPizano Corphish use Bubblbeam! by Yusiso
 341 Corphish using by Crab Hammer by GogglesPizano and Bubble Beam by Yusiso
Crawdaunt Used CrabHammer by LukeTheRipper Crawdaunt Dark Pulse by Yggdrassal
 342 Crawdaunt using Crab Hammer by LukeTheRipper and Dark Pulse by Yggdrassal
Baltoy Use Rapid Spin by ShinyOotachi Baltoy used explosion! by DragonchildX
 343 Baltoy using Rapid Spin by ShinyOotachi and Explosion by DragonchildX
[ ART ] Claydol Used Cosmic Power! by legharcan Claydol used Ancient Power! by MechaKraken
 344 Claydol using Cosmic Power by legharcan and Ancient Power by MechaKraken
:Lileep used Energy Ball: by MeguBunnii Lileep used Stockpile! by freqrexy
 345 Lileep using Energy Ball by MeguBunnii and Stockpile by freqrexy
Cradily used Constrict! by GaiaNex Cradily Ancient Power by Yggdrassal
346 Cradily using Constrict by GaiaNex and Ancient Power by Yggdrassal