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Cool News from OCR & DJ Pretzel

by djpretzel David W. Lloyd:

"Originally Posted by Reinhold Hoffmann
Hope that Game Art HQ was helpful, are any submissions of "our" artists going to be used?

Yes - definitely helpful!

Winners have been notified & the album trailer should be going live soon, with a full release mid-June!

This trailer is online now…

Looking forward to see GA-HQ and OCR collaborating on an art tribute in the future :-)


A few weeks ago i promoted a video game album here and yesterday nobody else than DJPretzel, founder of the well known OverClockedRemix Portal contacted me and asked if i know artist who could be interested to work on covers and other additional artworks related to their upcoming Super Mario64 VideoGameMusicRemixAlbum ""Portrait of a Plumber""

Those OCR Albums are downloaded many thousand times and being part of those projects is not only a damn cool thing which shows how dedicated the musicans from OCR and maybe we visual artists are, but you can also win some nice prizes if you participate! Artists are also credited of course.

These are:
FIRST PRIZE - Album Cover (logo is optional): Win a physical copy of Final Fantasy VI: Balance and Ruin, a physical copy of Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream, and a physical copy of For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man!! Plus we’ll pimp your artist name + URL in our album press release, forum mailout, on the back cover, on the trailer, and on the album website.
SECOND PRIZE - Album Cover Runner-up: For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man download code, listed on album liner notes, website w/ URL, trailer
STAGE ARTWORK WINNERS- For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man download code, listed on album liner notes, website w/ URL, trailer


   Subject: A “Portrait” of Mario, of course! This is open to some interpretation, but generally speaking a painted depiction of Mario in some form is suggested, looking at us, i.e. not an action shot.
   Format: Square dimensions required, as well as a minimum resolution of 2000 pixels. The album design may call for the work to be scaled a bit to acommodate. A Photoshop PSD file with separate layers is highly preferred.
   Limitations: The work MUST be your own and must not incorporate outside assets, including any official Nintendo artwork.
   BONUS: Feel free to include an album title/logo layer, or as a separate file, for “Super Mario 64: Portrait of a Plumber” - it’s optional, but if we love it & use it, we’ll try and throw a little something extra in!


   Subject: These paintings should be just like the ones inside the Peach castle, representing 8 of the game's stages, but this time featuring Mario engaging/interacting with the depicted stage. For example, one painting where Mario makes his way up Whomp's Fortress, another where he battles the giant Bob-omb, one where he gets his ass fried within Lethal Lava Land, etc. A high level of detail is not necessary, but each work should at least look like it was painted (oil, watercolor, airbrushed, and so on), and feel free to emulate the style of famous artists from history - Picasso, Magritte, Van Gogh, etc.

   The eight stages are as follows:

       Cool, Cool Mountain
       Whomp's Fortress
       Bob-omb Battlefield
       Lethal Lava Land
       Jolly Roger Bay
       Tiny-Huge Island
       Tall, Tall Mountain
       Wet-Dry World

The deadline for submissions is the 24th March already, i wish they would have contacted us a bit earlier.
EDIT: Talked with djPretzel, you have ONE MORE WEEK, the contest ends on the 31st March now not the 24th!

For all details and questions directly to the OCR Staff  about the contest and the album i recommend you to visit:…

Submit your artwork entries via email to   i guess you can also ask any questions via that contact emailaddy. And please mention it that you heard about the contest and this album through GA-HQ.

Would love to see a collaboration of our two video game fan & artist communities sooner or later! OCR was actually a big inspiration to start Game-Art-HQ and our own game tributes like Link's Blacklist.
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SurfTiki's avatar
I take it this leaves us traditional artists left out?
To bad sounds like fun, and i wouldnt mind as im going to be working up the Smash Bros OCR album.
dragonariaes's avatar
That is awesome. LOVE OCR! I'm totally going to give it a shot.
djpretzel's avatar
Extended to 3/31 to gives folks more time - really excited about this, hope to see some excellent stuff, and really appreciate Reinhold & GAHQ helping us out!!
Zeighous's avatar
I probably won't do too well but I'm going to try. It's worth a chance xD
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Absolutely, by looking at your Goomba i would say something stage related might be your thing!
Cronoan's avatar
This is just downright awesome! I've been listening to OCR for 8 years, I have 12 gigs of OC remixes on my computer. It is so cool that DJ Pretzel actually reached out to you. I will definitely take a crack at this contest, thanks for sharing! :D
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Good luck and much fun in that contest, would be very great to see members of GA-HQ being a part of a OCR album :-)
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