Hey, GAHQ and OCR present FFIX: Worlds Apart!

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Do you remember that we spoke about collaborating with that other big community that creates tributes for video games? Yup, OverClockedRemix one of the inspirations for me to actually start Game-Art-HQ and we started our first collaboration back in winter 2014 with a big Final Fantasy IX Music and Art Tribute called Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart.

Over 50 musicans from OCR and around 20 artists from GA-HQ worked together to create an amazing tribute that is getting released now. In a couple of days the whole album on OCR and since today, the art gallery with 2 characters per day on Game-Art-HQ.com.

Final Fantasy IX celebrates its 15th Anniversary today and I don't know any better way to tribute it by either watching the great trailer OCR put up or by playing the game itself again, I suggest doing both!
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All right, what exactly did you mean by "in a couple of days the whole album on OCR" those more than three weeks ago...? :) 

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Pretty cool seeing art in the trailer, not jut me but everyone's:-)
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Yeah its really well made, better than I thought.
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Once again, really damn proud to be part of this ^^
And I am actually playing through FFIX on my PS3 >D
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PUMPED!  What an awesome trailer!
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Sorry if the question seems silly, but you didn't feature all the arts in the trailer, is it correct? I'm worried my art didn't get archived for the project or you didn't receive it ^^;
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The trailer was made by an artist for OCR I did not have any influences on it, I could imagine that it was not used because the relative small size of your Freya, can you upload a bigger version? I guess its too late nor to get it included into the trailer but a bigger size like at least 800 pixels tall would look better in the art gallery on Game-Art-HQ as well since the others are all bigger.
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Oh, I was pretty sure I had sent you already, I'm so sorry :( I had already uploaded to my sta.sh, the link is available for anyone :)
Here it is:  Freya
Oh of course, no problem! xD I was just really worried because I was afraid you didn't get it o__o Also, I've seen Fenrir has been invited to the other group while I didn't receive an invitation, so I thought that maybe it had been discarded from the project.
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Oh well, now I remember it. It was all my fault, between all the submissions I forgot about yous, even downloaded the bigger version to my PC but did not send it to them =/

Just send them a fast email so they will hopefully be able to include it to the album and it will be featured on ga-hq on thursday as well. Also just invited you to the contributors group, am very sorryx about all of this.
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Oh, I don't worry! It must be really hard dealing with all the work from the site, group and collaborations, I totally understand! :) I apologize- I should have probably told you earlier but I was really afraid of seeming pushy >_>
Would you want me to send them an email personally? :)
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Nah, thats not needed anymore I sent one already with your link and your Freya attached to it as well :-)

Yes, sometimes its a bit too much for me alone, sooner or later I really need a small team here
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Yeah, seriously, the effects done with the various arts was unexpected and COOL!
Very very very excited for this! I see a LOT of OC Remix artists that I like a lot on this list...
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Yup, alone katethegrate made me more curious about the album. Fun Fact: The album was actually around 5 years in progress and the first idea by OCR last year was to fund an FFIX art contest with some goods, but I thought it would be better for both communities in the end to do the first collaboration and make it a Music and Art Tribute.  You and me we were both sceptical because they requested those psd files with alyers if possible and in the biggest size possible but I guess their video editor had good reasons for it. Hope you are on board the next time as well
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Most definitely! I'm always up for sharing the love for classic games, especially w/ OCR! XD
[They did/are/always do a great job... hehehe.]
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>>> Sweet, I never imagined they were going to add those cool effects to the art..
I guess thats why you asked for high res versions of them, (i think I forgot to submit at that time :P)
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Yeah, that was the reason they needed those, got in talks with DJ Pretzel from there too and in the next collaboration I have all important details from the start, it should run smoother as the last time :-)
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>>> So there going to be a new collab with them? Great.
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Nothing is planned but we both want to work on something together, lets see what we can create :-)
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Going to enjoy listening to this. I got goosebumps when I saw my art on that trailer too!
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