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Only 10 days left, now is basically your last chance to participate in the anual :icongame-art-hq: contest, read the details about the theme, prizes and rules below:

The Theme: Scary Video Game related Fan Art. all kinds of visual art are allowed, digital and traditional drawings, photos of sculptures, 3D model art (must be own models, ripped characters models don't count) or cosplay art.

You choose the game, the setting, the characters, important is only that it is something scary. Not scary in a cute way like a nice King Boo from Mario World, but really scary stuff, yes gore and violence is allowed as well. Gritty stuff, morbid stuff, horror elements are all fine.

Everything from a really scary looking undead League of Legends character to Pokemons etc is allowed.

In this contest you can also add characters from non-video game media like Freddy Krueger, Jason or the Super Natural Winchester Brothers getting eaten alive by Kirby. This contest is very unusual for this group, I know, but after contests related to a specific art style, gender switches, Borderlands etc lets do something dark for a change.


The submissions have to be new and made for this contest of course.
Violence and dark themes are okay this time, but as usual, no nudity, no sex fetish stuff as well.
Mention it in the description that you made it for the Game-Art-HQ Art Contest 2014, yes, art contests like this one will be an annual thing now for the group.
You can add the Groups Icon but also add a link to www.game-art-hq.com/  

Submit your entry (ONE PER ARTIST) to the GA-HQ Contest 2014 Gallery Folder.
Thats all.

I am sponsoring this contest with my own (hard earned) money with $50 for the winner and also $20 as the 2nd and 3rd prizes. 4th and 5th Prizes are 3 Month DeviantART Premium Accounts

Like last year, the winners will be decided through a point system by a jury of around 10 long time group contributors.

This contest will end on Halloween of course you have time till the 31st October 12 PM.

For any questions related to this contest you can just ask via comment here. Or ask me :iconreinhold-hoffmann: via a note.

Greets, and much fun @ everyone who decides to join the contest
© 2014 - 2021 Game-Art-HQ
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SawokMrGreen's avatar
When will be announcement of the winner ?
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Most likely on Tuesday, thats my favourite day of the week Of Course!
shinragod's avatar
The Scare-Eelutions are near completion.
I'm looking forward to see what other entries people made.
shinragod's avatar
Solid stuff!! We got good contenders.
I'm pretty stoked.
shinragod's avatar
Got back to work on my entry with the 'Scare-Eelutions.'
My Steel Type turned out awesome. XD Here's hoping the Poison and Ghost types turn out just as well. :)
Seku's avatar
I have made a Scary feel kind of pic that is a year old but I've been meaning to submit to contests but I never got around finding due to school work.
Could I submit it? I know It's marked for new ones but I did have the intention in that vision.
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
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Muss endlich mal anfangen was für den contest zu zeichnen! :) Hab schon eine gute Idee
shinragod's avatar
Pokemon counts yes?
shinragod's avatar
Perfecto. :-3
Now to proceed with my entry; after I finish my Necro pic.
Benbella-Marzahan's avatar
cool contest, i think i'll join! :D hopefully i'm not busy
Jepoykalboh's avatar
doin my entry... LOL
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
You can submit it next Monday :-)
Unreal-Forever's avatar
OH YEAH!!:icondragonwant:
It sounds very interesting, I think I'm going in, since a few days I plan to do a drawing for this contest goes well.:icondragonnod2:
ArtOfShade's avatar
are collaborations allowed ?
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Absolutely, it is just your problem in the end who gets the /a prize for the case you win :-)
ArtOfShade's avatar
MatiasSoto's avatar
The subject is very open so it would be a matter of having an interesting idea I guess :B
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Creativity is definitive a counting factor :-)
Chibi-Pit's avatar
Sounds really cool, especially since horror isn't a genre I do too often so that'll be an innovative subject. I'll see about participating if I have the time. c:
Hugo-H2P's avatar
Hmm. A little bit out of my comfort zone, so it's gonna be a nice practice at least. I'll give it a try
shinragod's avatar
Sounds like fun!!
I might partake in this!!
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