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Mega Man 1 celebrates its 25th Birthday on the 17th December 2012

Reason enough to celebrate it with an art tribute about the first game or?

Capcom itself seems to have some problems with MegaMan..its time to get him some spotlight!

Like for Link`s Blacklist or the Kirby Tribute in May…   you are welcome to participate in an Art Tribute for the popular game and its characters.

This will be published on Game-Art-HQ-com including screenshots, original art and a lot background informations to the first Mega Man. I ll see if i can get music remixers onboard for this tribute as well via OCR!  How cool would it be to get a gallery up with all 8 robot masters and also offer an album or a collection of remixes with the music of their stages?

This project was actually announced back in february already but with a different focus. Due to the creativity and success  by the artists who chosed themselfes what they would draw for Link`s Blacklist or the Kirby tribute, i thought it may be better to let YOU decide what you want to draw instead of giving you a list with the Mega Man I characters and let you claim Elec Man etc.

Every artist can claim up to 3 spots in this project
The absolute deadline is the 1st December
Your claim needs to be related to Mega Man I. Not 2,3,4,5,X,Zero etc.  Elements and characters of the later games can be in the entry, but in general it should be about MM1. Tributes for the sequels might follow.
No Nudity, strong violence usual.
On Game Art HQ your submissions will most likely be seen by thousands of visitors. Currently the Kirby tribute was seen by over 40K visitors as example since May. The Mortal Kombat Tribute there over 80K times even. It is not in my and not in your interest if you submit  something which is just not compareable with the standard of the artworks you see in this group.  I wont judge your art, but the visitors do, and its your linked nick below your work, not mine.

:iconfontesmakua: draws Roll
:iconjmatchead: draws 2 pieces, one with Copy-Bot and one with the Shield Miner enemies from Gutsman`s stage
:icona-r-q: - not yet decided what he draws
:icondaremaker: - draws oldschool Megaman in the foreground with his later versions (X etc) are in the background and cheer
:iconmaiss-thro: draws Flameman
:iconautumn-north: draws MegaMan with Roll
:iconjakks004: drws Megaman vs FlameMan
:icondragonariaes: draws minor Mega Man enemies
:iconsannamy: not sure yet what he draws
:iconthormeister: draws Cut Man
:iconemmersdrawberry: draws Mega Man & Roll
:iconfedde: draws all Robot Masters / Bosses of MMI
:iconcrimsonwalker: draws Megaman vs Cutman
:iconproject00wolfen: draws Roll with Bombman and Cutman
:icona-r-q: draws Megaman in all his colors and forms after aquiring the powers of the Robot Masters
:iconpuddingplushiepalace: draws 2 entries, one with Roll, one of Cut Man
:iconefraimrdz: draws Dr Willy

Done already:
:iconprofessormegaman:  Gutsman hauling around a king-sized Yellow Devil
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imbisibol's avatar
Wah, before I noticed it, it's already December 1st. Hope it makes it! DX

Here's my pic.


Thanks a bunch! :)
sannamy's avatar
Have mine ready... [link]

It's a Fireman! yeah.. I know... there are other 2 guys doing the same robot master... but was the only thing that came to my mind. XD... Î hope that serves for the tribute. ^^
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
sure, he is okay, since there were not so many characters its okay to have more than one entry per robot master of course
sannamy's avatar
imbisibol's avatar
Hi! Can I join? I want to draw a group pic of the 6 Robot Masters, in incognito colors and shading. Something like this [link] maybe?
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Hiya, i think that could work, welcome onboard!
imbisibol's avatar
Nice! I'll do my best, thanks! :w00t:
hybridmink's avatar
It doesn't look like we have a GutsMan one yet. You can put me down for Mega vs. Guts.

Do you remember which power takes out Gutsman? I'd probably draw Megaman in that color.
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
pooh! I don`t remember that ^^

But nice you are onboard with a gutsman piece
hybridmink's avatar
Yeah I couldn't think of all 8 so I looked it up and only saw the 6.
Efraimrdz's avatar
Hey can I join. I want to try a portrait of Dr. Willy
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Hi, yes you can, Dr Willy is yours

Welcome onboard!
Efraimrdz's avatar
Hey it's done. But I dunno if I submitet it to the right folder XD
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Just saw it, thought its a very funny one :-)

I put it to the Mega Man Tribute folder now!
Kierano4's avatar
Can I have Dr.Wily?
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Dr Wily? Sure! I am glad about every claim that is not about roll!
Kierano4's avatar
Can I change to a Megaman vs Wily picture?
IanDimas's avatar
I believe I claimed Roll and Iceman (separately) months ago xD
How and where should the artwork be sent again?
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Directly to this group :-)
IanDimas's avatar
Hey, just wanted to let you know I finished my Iceman piece too: [link]
I can't submit it to the group because of the limit, but it's done XD
Thanks for the opportunity :)
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Nice, very nice one, i look how you catched the style of the old original artworks

Just requested it to the MM folder, if you want to make another one, you can do it, i start working on the project next sunday but wont release it completley before the 18th december anyway
IanDimas's avatar
Thanks! Maybe I'll do an Elecman if I have the time, I'll contact you if I finish it :)
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