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Want to participate in a Final Fantasy  Tribute for its 25th Anniversary in December 2012? Now is your chance!

FF I was released in Japan on the 18th December 1987, the project`s idea is to be a Tribute to the game and series and gets published on the same day on Game Art HQ.Com including galleries and articles about the game and the series.

35 artists are allowed to participate
ps:… watch this..hear this and singalong if you arent in final fantasy mood yet!

1. The Image has to be made for the Game Art HQ Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Tribute
2. No nudity or strong violence.
3. Deadline is the 1st December
4. The Image can be send either to game art hq alone and wont get published before December, or the artist can publish it whereever he wants sooner already

You can choose to either claim a drawing  related to Final Fantasy I or something about the FF series in general for this Project

Artists who draw Tribute pieces related to Final Fantasy I
1. :iconpuzzletoad:  Puzzletoad draws Garland
2. :iconemeraltana: emeraltana  draws the Red Mage
3. :iconcigar-blues: purplekoga draws the Warrior of Light
4. :iconblackorb00: blackorb00  draws Light warriors, some enemies, and npcs
5. :iconfedde: Fedde   draws Black Mage battling a Chimera with supporting White Mage.
6. :iconthewiseweirdprophet: thewiseweirdprophet  draws all FF I character classes
7. :iconaugustoflores: augustoflores draws Marilith the fiend of fire
8. :iconsikho: sikho  draws the white mage /wizard
9. :icondourdan: dourdan  draws (all 4 fiends?)
10. :iconsenorfro: senofro  draws Matoya
11. :icongwendybee: gwendybee draws the Thief
12. :iconblaknite: blaknite draws - not yet decided
13. :iconsorshania: draws the four Warriors of light (Warrior, Monk, Red Mage and Black Mage) battling Kraken
14. :iconqpmjcv: draws a warrior and a white mage, fighting with a goblin
15. :iconoveronehundred: draws Arylon the Dancer
16. :iconvick444y:  Victorious444 draws all the Warriors of Light
17. :iconedmoffatt: draws multiple iconic FF antagonists / enemies in ff1 class costumes - submitted DONE
18. :iconbackcombedbohemian: not sure yet what will be drawn
19. :icontoonartist: not sure yet what to draw
20. :iconmasebreaker: draws the black mage
21. :iconkarniz: draws her own versions of FF1 Characters

Artists who draw the Tribute Pieces related to Final Fantasy in general
1. :icongewelt:  Gewelt draws popular FF characters wearing FFI class/job outfits
2. :icontoxiclight: toxiclight draws the girls of FF
3. :iconrei-baahk: draws the main cast of FF Dissidia Duocedim 012
4. :iconbattleguppy: draws Zack and warrior of light from dissidia
5: :iconalexis-kurosawa: draws the Warrior of Light with Odin and Diavolo
6 :icondaremaker: draws Cid vs Gilgamesh in 2-3 of their forms
7 :iconhybridmink: draws some of the popular Summons DONE
8. :iconlalafoxtrot: draws the gun using characters of multiple FF games
9. :iconephemeralvision: draws the warrrior of light and firion
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ephemeralvision's avatar
Ahh I can't submit the drawing because I've submitted something else the last three weeks. DX
LaLaFoxtrot's avatar
Just submitted my picture for the tribute! Not sure how to put it into the correct folder since there's only an option for "submissions"

Just thought I'd drop by and tell ya that it's done and in!
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
^^ hiya i move it to the FF folder right now :-)
LaLaFoxtrot's avatar
Thanks GB!~<3 ~ u ~
luigiix's avatar
O_o Can i participate?
I was just re-playing FF6. So i would really like to draw something about that game :D
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
You can draw something related to FF6 if you add elements from other FF games as well
CrimsonDenizen's avatar
So we can draw anything from any other FF game too?
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Yes, as long as the entry would have elements of multiple FF games
ephemeralvision's avatar
Uh I didn't see my name up there..? D:
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Oh thanks for the Info, somehow i forgot to add you in the list, will fix that right now!
ephemeralvision's avatar
Wah I thought I didn't make it somehow, thanks for fixing it up. :D!
LaLaFoxtrot's avatar
Oh, slash that first comment, nevermind. (Just read the other comments) To make it more universal maybe....the gunsligners of Final Fantasy? cccc::

I'm thinking Vincent, Balthier, and Saz?????? :iconranaplz:
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
And Irvine Kinneas from FFVIII
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Sounds like a good Idea to me! Maybe adding Yuna from FFX-II in the Gun-Mage outfit as well?
LaLaFoxtrot's avatar
Yeah! I'll try and gather as many as possible into a composition but I know that Vincent, Balthier, and Saz are gonna be definits. I'll try add Yuna and Irvine too!
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Sounds like it could be an epic entry, alrighty, welcome onboard!
LaLaFoxtrot's avatar
Honor to be included! Thanks!
LaLaFoxtrot's avatar
OH! Could I participate?? I was a little late to the Link's Blacklist bandwagon but now I'd really love the opportunity to participate in the FF tribute!!

I was thinking could I do Vincent Valentine? Cliche I know but the boy has to be doing something right to get his own spin off! xD

So i'd like to paint Vinny? c:
DareDesignStudio's avatar
....draw...but I'm 3D...
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Ah, i really should change the blog. The majority of the members are drawing that is why i used that work and did not even think about you, the 3D Model Specialists out there :-)

Actually there is one 3D Entry already done for this project, if you want you are welcome to claim something either for FFI or multiple FF titles via a 3D Art entry of course
DareDesignStudio's avatar
[link] Just a WiP thinking I might stick with FF1. The other piece is going to be based off the newer FF1 logo similar to this; [link] but in 3D..should be interesting.
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
The WiP one looks actually like it could be a great logo for the whole project, except that the NES and Official Nintendo Seal could be removed :) In times when FFI was ported to a good handful consoles its a bit outdated, and yes i guess the intention was to tribute the classic NES titles with it :-)

The other one looks very promising too, wonder how it would look in 3d
DareDesignStudio's avatar
I updated the WiP a bit, I can do a separate piece "debranded" if one of the more talented Photoshoppers would like to work some magic on it. Or you can use it as is once it's finished.
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