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Mega Man 2 by Pertheseus GA-HQ Art Contest Revenge of Shinobi by Joelchan 3rd Strike, NOW!! by danuskocampos

The contest ends on Friday (8th November) night 12 PM

Screenshot like self drawn illustrations like the ones above are the topic of this new Game-Art-HQ art contest

Due to other projects like Link's Blacklist being ongoing now and artists being working on it or the Final Fantasy tribute,  this contest starts right now and endures till wednesday the 6th November  

Recreating a screenshot with the own artstyle as seen in the megaman fanarts by Pertheseus  and the Street Fighter III one above is something complicated and needs time and creativity, i guess that not only the results can be some great looking and unusual illustrations of video games, but also be a true challenge for participating artists.

game art HQ, orange 1030x200 by SuperEdco
rules: 1 entry per artist, no strong violence, no nudity, no fetish stuff, its up to you what kind of a screenshot you use as reference and also which game is totally your choice.  If there are energy bars, heart containers, left time numbers etc on the screenshot /in the game you draw, they need to be on your artwork as well, self drawn/created of course and notr just copied. This contest is meant to be a difficult challenge for everyone who participates.

The art has to be new and made for this contest of course.
Anything from Pong to a modern or even upcoming game can be used. Only exceptions are scenes from a cutscene or movie.

Its the gameplay or a menu like the robot masters select screen as seen below which has to be illustrated, we saw enough sephiroth killing aerith fan arts in the past already ;)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 by Kierano4 :bigthumb393616401: Cold Snap by ZacKaox


This is the so far biggest GA-HQ Art Contest when it comes to the prizes

1st Prize  50€ which are around 60 US Dollars
2nd & 3rd Prizes 25€ (30 Dollars)

Your entries will also get featured both here on dA and also on

This contest ends on Friday the 8th November at 12PM

You can submit the entries directly to the GA-HQ "Featured" Folder, just name them "GA-HQ Art Contest + Title" and also mention it in the description that you made the art for our contest + add the link

Have fun with this unusual art contest, may many interesting and beautiful pieces of art be created which challenge your talent and dedication!

Thanks everyone for the previous feedback, seems this will become a very interesting new art contest on :icongame-art-hq: !

Any further questions can be asked here of course too

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shadownexu5's avatar
It's a shame I never got to finish my entry, I broke my leg last week and have only just got out the hospital and now I can't reach my desk to draw LOL.
Anyways, good luck all, there's been some awesome work posted for this contest can't to see who wins.
If I get the chance I'll finish my piece and post it at a later date.
EvilApple513's avatar

Here's my submission.
I didn't consider the time zone at all so I won't be surprised if I didn't make it, but I enjoyed working on it! 
Hope you enjoy.
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
time zone or not, it was submitted so short after the deadline that i will just close one eye :-)
EvilApple513's avatar
Oh man thank you SO much I appreciate it!
ElectroDan's avatar
Hope I made it in time!!!!

Here is my entry!
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
hehe, i just knew there will be at least one submission on the last day...its like a tradition for art contests that the last entries are submitted 5 minutes before the finish :-) (it was done one time literally 5 minutes before 12PM and the guy even won)

Interesting choice for the contest, did not expect the new KI there
ElectroDan's avatar

Yea it just announce just when i found out about the contest back in august so decided to draw the new KI , I was pump especially
with the new soundtracks. But glad i made it!
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Hmm the soundtrack of the new Ki interests me more than the game itself i must admit..while i was and am a big fan of the wo original KI games. The XBone is just something i will never support and KI is sadly out for the wrong console this time. The distribution model with 8 characters now and 8 more and a "full game" price of over 80 or 120 bucks is something which makes me shake my head ^^

the music however is a must have if there are many arrangements of the old killer cuts :)
ElectroDan's avatar
Yea I wont be able to play it, sadly because its in the xbox one lol

Yup least I'll be able to enjoy the Soundtrack.
megadrivesonic's avatar
dang it i saw this too late!
Chooone's avatar
Here's my entry, hope I'm not late since in the folder it says that November 3rd was the deadline but the journal says otherwise, annnnd I can't find the submit button.

Thanks :D

Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
dont't worry the deadline was changed to the 8th nov
Grapiqkad's avatar
Sir Good day, need permission to submit my entry
EckoSlime's avatar
It sucks that I started this drawing and now I won't be able to finish it in time due to my work and school >_<
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Yeah..shit happens way too often..i know that feeling to well if something does not work as planned.
EckoSlime's avatar
Yeah, oh well, hopefully there will be another contest I can actually enter :P
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
There will be one in the FGE group since a big fan of the capcom character Jin Saotome contacted me and gave me the prize money and i thought it can't hurt to give the group another contest, bet there are some fans of the character there, and the 1st prize is at least a 12 month dA account or 25€  that contest will start there next week

Here on GA-HQ there won't be any contest in the next future, but you read about the art tributes ongoing maybe

There is the 20th Anniversary of Doom one which is sheduled for December this year, there are the Legend of Zelda Tributes, one about the Final Fantasy Protagonists and a big one about the 20th Anniversary of the first Playstation console next year
MihaiSandu's avatar
Wow, this was a close one, I was about to forget that the contest will end shortly. Here it's my submission:…

peregrinelewds's avatar
I finished my submission…
I also added it to the group's gallery, but the only folder that I could submit to was 'submissions', I couldn't add it to the contest folder :c
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Heya, thats alright, i am moving all entries for the contest to the right folder :-)

Greets RH
Goomuin's avatar
I wish I could finish my artwork for this contest, but university college has taken all my time :noes:
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar you think you need just a few days more or is there for sure no chance in the next weeks?
Goomuin's avatar
There's no chance at all. It's an university college about digital arts so we have lessons about how to use Photoshop. We also receive non-stop assignments, so yeah... :noes:
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