GA-HQ April 2017 Art Contest Challenge!

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Lets remember a couple of video games from A-Z that were and are rarely getting any spotlight on deviantart:

Rules: Illustrate the Gameplay, simple character illustrations won't be accepted, the challenge is to show what the game you illustrate is about!
Deadline: 31.05.2017

You can post /upload the image everywhere, just mention that it was made for the :icongame-art-hq: April 2017 Art Contest in the Description. Please directly link to this Journal.

Instead of submitting the entry image, simply write a comment here and we will request it for the contest folder.

You can use a screenshot to illustrate the game, in fact I'd recommend that. Please add a link to the screenshot in the description if possible though.

You can participate with up to three entries.


Winners 1 & 2 will be featured directly on the frontpage of via articles OR can choose to get advertised via the sidebar + get $10 via Paypal each
The 3rd winner gets the article feature or sidebar ad without the extra $10.

The 4-5th Winners will get a surprise steam-game code

Winners are decided through our art judges team via most point system as usual.
The winners and also ALL submissions will be featured via a journal here on dA as well.

You can choose between the following games:

A - Actraiser
B - Bubble Bobble
C - Clayfighter
D - Descent
E - Equinox
F - Fatal Fury
G - Gradius
H - Hexen
I - Intelligent Cube
J - Jumping Flash
K - Karate-Champ
L - Lemmings
M - Manhunt
N - Need for Speed (Any game of the series counts)
O - Okami
P - Prince of Persia (Any game of the series counts)
Q - Quake
R - Ridge Racer
S - Secret of Mana
T - Tactics Ogre
U - Unreal
V - Vagrant Story
W - WWF / WWE, try to illustrate one of the Wrestling games, yup seriously.
X - Xenogears
Y - Yakuza (Any game of the series counts)
Z - Zombies Ate My Neighbours

Cheers and happy easter days everyone!
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