Castlevania Series Tribute (signups till 15.09!)

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Signups for the Game Art HQ Castlevania Series Art Tribute will end on the 15th September!

All details about this project can be read below


- This is about about the Castlevania Series in general, not the first game alone unlike the Final Fantasy tribute

- You, the artists can choose what you like to draw, it can either be a character (protagonist, antagonist, all kinds of enemies) or be about one of the Castlevania games or the series in general

- The deadline is the 1st December

- You can upload your entry to Deviantart etc whenever you want, each entry will be published on Game Art HQ.Com on the 20th December 2012

- You entry has to be an image made for this tribute of course, older images dont count.
- Its the choice of us if you are accepted for this art project or not.

Artists participating and what they draw

:iconaugustoflores: draws Dracula
:iconmarvin000: draws Alucard
:iconstridersyd: draws something related to Castlevania Resurrection / Sonia Belmont
:iconsirkrozz: draws Richter Belmont
:iconmatiassoto: draws Death and probably multiple Belmonts
:iconalexis-kurosawa:  draws Eric Lecarde and John Morris
:icontoonartist:  draws characters from Castlevania 3- Sypha, Grant and Alucard
:iconaarogoth: draws Belmonts, probably Leon
:iconabsoloot: draws Maria Renard
:iconemummy: draws Shanoa
:icongoemonsama: draws Soma Cruz, and possibly some other characters
:iconpwnem: draws Simon Belmont
:iconshentsumi: draws Trevor Belmont and Castlevania 3 Alucard
:iconsebastianvonbuchwald: draws SOTN related entry
:iconishtardragon: draws Castlevania Curse of Darkness related entry
:iconfreecolat: draws Annette the Succubus
:iconarmoredcrustacean: draws either Cornal from Curse of Darkness or Juste Belmont from Hamorny of Dissonance
:icongordomuro: draws an entry related to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
:iconanakdesa-baikhati: draws the playable Castlevania 3 characters
:iconferv: draws Gabriel Belmont from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
:iconhaf-2: draws Nathan Graves from Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
:iconvlastika: draws something Castlevania Lords of Shadow related, not sure yet what exactly
:iconaleksiremesart:draws Richter vs. Dracula battle from SOTN
:iconrei-baahk: draws Simon Belmont as a Chibi version
:iconprocerdecrepusculum: draws a black n white cover art of Lament of innocense
:iconluigiix: draws something related to Shanoa from Order of Eclesia
:iconmaiss-thro: draws the Heroes of Castlevania: Draculas Curse
:iconfedde: draws a scene from Simons Quest, where Simon just standing in the middle of a stage + some monsters
:iconlaughingorc: draws a  Castlevania: Harmony of Despair related entry
:iconcarlchrappa: draws Trevor and Sypha versus Dracula's second form
:iconzebes: draws Gaibon and Slogra
:iconchaos-draco: draws the Lords of Shadow
:icontedbob: draws Richter & Maria from the SotN
:iconnaldridge: draws Cornell, the Armored Werewolf
:iconcrimsondenizen: draws Leon
:iconunlimitedshadeworks: draws Juste Belmont and Maxim Kischine
:iconkeino-evans: draws the minotaur and the werewolf from Dracula X
:iconthroneseeker: draws persephone (maid), and Skull Bartender
:iconsenorfro: draws some of the Belmonts
:iconretro-death: draws Trevor fighting Cyclops
:iconjmatchead: draws Reinhart Schneider from Castlevania 64
Iconmechakraken: draws Diplocephalus

:iconron-faure: draws Hector from Castlevania:Curse of darkness
:iconbrendancorris: draws the Death /Grim Reaper
:iconniswaen: draws Carrie Fernandez from Castlevania 64
:iconsannamy: draws Shaft the Priest
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arthelius's avatar
Thank you for your proposal received message. I would be honored. You can add my participation.

thank you again

HAF-2's avatar
"The deadline is the 1st December"

i was so scared, lol

I have chance to get it finished.
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
^^ good to know :-)

guess i should ask all participants this week how far they are with their entries
HAF-2's avatar
i was thinking deadline is Nov 5th lol. Good to know i have almost a moth more ;)
senorfro's avatar
If I may, I would like to do one with the Belmonts (Simon, Richter, Trevor, Christopher, Juste, Julius, Leon, even Sonia).
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Alrighty, i ll add you to the staff ^^

welcome @ the Castlevania tribute
Vlastika's avatar
I've already done my piece and it's now paced in stash hope I won't forget to upload it in december =))
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Heya, you can upload it already today if you want, its no problem for me if the works are on dA already

Greets, gbk
Retro-Death's avatar
I would love to do Trevor fighting the Cyclops Boss from Castlevania III.
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Nice Idea, welcome onboard the Castlevania Tribute Project!
jmatchead's avatar
Oh man I just saw this! I would really love to participate if possible! I don't see too many Castlevania 64/ Legacy of Darkness submissions, so I'd love to do some art of Reinhart Schneider.
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Alrighty, you are welcome in the project and i will add you with a Reinhart Schneider claim

Greets and a happy weekend :-)
jmatchead's avatar
Awesome! Thanks so much! I finally have something to do with my long weekend.
MechaKraken's avatar
Can I do a 3D rendition of Diplocephalus? You can check my other 3D renders in my gallery for some references. It would be nice to contribute to this group =3
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
I think that would actually be interesting to have a 3d render among the many drawings, guess those are very rare for Castlevania in general anyway

So, welcome in the tribute staff, your idea is accepted!
MechaKraken's avatar
Awesomeness. I'll go get started on it right away =3
CrimsonDenizen's avatar
There's no words next to my name :P
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
yeah, i think you werent sure who or what you will draw for the castlevania tribute or?
CrimsonDenizen's avatar
I thought we agreed on Leon since Gabriel was taken?
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar

can be i just forgot to add that info to the blog, alrighty will add it now !
LukeTheRipper's avatar
Okay, if for some reason I'm not allowed to participate, I would appreciate some kind of reply at least...
Reinhold-Hoffmann's avatar
Huh? Somehow i oversaw any previous comments / claims which castlevania game/ scene or character do you want to draw?
LukeTheRipper's avatar
Lol... and I written two comments about it already, ya know |D
But yeah, with all the comments you get on your groups it is understandable |D

Anyways, I wanted to draw Joachim Armster from Castlevania: Lament of Innocence.
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