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Welcome to #Game-Art!

Hello and welcome! Thank you for visiting Game-Art; we hope you enjoy your stay. Anyone is welcome to join-requests are automatic! However, when submitting, there are strict guidelines that need to be followed, or your submission will be rejected.

The rules are as follows:

1. No fanart. THIS MEANS NONE. No D&D character concepts, commissions, and things of that nature. If you aren't the copyright holder, or were not commissioned by the company to make it, then we don't accept it!

2. All artwork must be game art related. If it's not, we don't accept it.

3. You can submit anything from music, literature, 3D and 2D art. So long as it's indie dev related, you should be alright.

4. You can advertise for kickstarter, hiring, or game jams. You may not promote your personal YT or Twitch channels.

5. All work must be appropriately named. If it's for a particular project, you must state the name of the project.  If you don't have a name, please state you are working on a personal game project. If it's not for a current or past project, we do accept portfolio work, critiques, assets for sale, and for free. (Tutorials/anything helpful is applicable.) 

Portfolio - Any type of professional work. You must state why this is game art, or how it is game art. Unrelated pieces not relevant to gaming will be declined. You must state that it is for your portfolio.

Critiques - any WIP pieces you want critiquing on. Again, these must be game-related. 

Free, or for sale: We accept assets you have made for games, for free or for sale. Base adopts are not allowed, and any designs must come with a commercial license. Character designs may be sold, so long as they are designed to be purchasable assets for indie devs. 

In large, we do not accept adoptables. However, we DO allow for characters, weapons, and game-related art made for INDIE STUDIOS, and are not related to any particular ARPG. You MUST give full rights with these designs. IF YOU ARE AN ARPG SPECIES OWNER, YES, you may submit your world designs/concepts, but not adoptables themselves.

This group is for indie game development, not for posting fanart of any world, not matter how beautiful the art is.

Promotional - You may submit promotional materials, such as journals, etc. You must be involved in the project in some way to promote the project.

Demos and Full Releases - you can, of course, make announcements via deviation or journal for demos and full releases of your games!

6. Mods are on a case-by-case basis. You must have done all of the work, including the models, for it to be accepted.

7. While we accept most kinds of art, we do have a quality standard. Images must not be blurry, out of focus, difficult to look at, etc. Submit only your best work.



IF YOUR DEVIATION SUBMISSIONS EXPIRES FOR SOME REASON, AND IT'S STILL UP TO STANDARD, WE WILL SEND YOU A REQUEST. A lot of us are full-time developers, so, sometimes, we aren't able to get everyone voting at the same time. The group is NOT dead! :)

Please also note DA has been experiencing bugs with the submission system for a while. Sometimes, things expire almost instantly. Again, we will try to do what we can to make sure your submission is added to the group, so long as it follows all the rules. If you are confused about anything, please feel free to ask questions.

Gallery Folders

60s girl portrait study by Stupchek
Anima heroes pre alpha ingame 2 by RatonBallZ
Anima heroes pre alpha ingame by RatonBallZ
Archaica: The Path of Light - Primal Well by MarcinTurecki
Heroes of Tyberia by agifarclor
3D WW2 Combat knife by Seraphi91
Commission - Gnolls chillin in the forest by spajjder
-SCHORMIRE- Illustration Painting by Myehiari
Exterior concept by theroom55
Weaponry 771 by Random223
Elise by Guygoo2012
Weaponry 767 by Random223
Stone Throne by Kruku
Blacksmith Shopkeeper (Aug 2015) by emimonserrate
Spiders! by kheftel
Zoonoid's Cute Girl Texture Progress by Alemja
Troodon Walking Animation by owleyy
Metroidvania game concept moodboard by Vestele
Me but in 3D [the picture moves} by Stupchek
Camp by MOK-SK
Archaica: The Path of Light - TELEPORT by MarcinTurecki
Jungle Maze by Du-Da
In-game tutorial in Archaica by MarcinTurecki
Eva Rework - Blubber Busters by MissMaddyTaylor
Ranger Ar-ha - Hearthstone by JayAxer
Interface-B Crewmember by Retrograde-B
Interface-B Concept Art 1 by Retrograde-B
Apollo Character Turnaround by Retrograde-B

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For a little clarification about some of our rules, I have adjusted them on the front page. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
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