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All I want to do is draw, eat, and play concerts to my goats

Favourite Visual Artist
Sean Galloway, Nicholas Kole, Loish, Nadiezda, Ulvar, Tess Stone, Nargyle
Favourite Movies
Treasure Planet, Song of The Sea, Heneral Luna
Favourite TV Shows
Gravity Falls, Motorcity, FMA - Brotherhood, JJBA
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Skillet, Breaking Benjamin, Starset, Rachie, Kenshi Yonezu, Pale Waves, Creature Feature
Favourite Books
The Black Book Of Secrets, LOTR, any decent YA book
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Pokemon, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Don't Starve, TF2
Tools of the Trade
Really bad humor and lack of sleep
Other Interests
Blueberry cheesecake, history, goats, bats, horror, shawarma


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Uh Oh Spaghetti Os 50

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I draw for everyone who tips :3c

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GamchawizzyStudent Digital Artist
oh my god i'm so gRR because the status widget is gone lma O,,,,, but i got tagged by iamtheableh  (but i don't wanna replace my journal cos it's where i'm pinning my ko-fi link hehE,,,)
1. What's that one song you love so much that you'll never get tired listening to?
 - i haVE A LOT ACTUALLY SHFAKSJDHGAKSG but some of my favs is Television Romance by Pale Waves and Love Me Dead by Ludo

2. Do you have a color that you like the least? 
-I LOVE LIME GREEN SO MUCH,,,BUT I ALSO HATE IT WHEN IT'S USED WRONGLY IDK HOW TO EXPLAIN AAAAAAA. Green is a total binch when it comes to printing too huhuhuhu

3. Got a podcast you listen to?
 -Lore is my favourite so far omg. Makes you feel like you're being read to in a haunted house

4. What was the first ever Youtube video you watched?
 -I have vague memories of spiderman amvs back in 2006-2007. then came happy tree friends and naruto

5. What TV show/cartoon/anime/band/singer/actor/podcast did you discover this year? Doesn't matter if it's old or new.
 -my friend introduced me to Nightwish and my life has forever been changed. also brooklyn 99 has been the show of my YEAR UGGGGH. i can't wait for the next season omgggg

6. What are your thoughts on cucumbers? Love em? Hate em? Do you use them to scare your cat? What. Do you. Think about cucumbers???
 - cucumber lemonade is amazing. plain cucumber is also amazing. v refreshing. good for what ails ya

7. Are you a Coffee person or a Milk Tea person?
 - laughs i haven't had coffee in years. i love milk tea bc it makes me feel like a carefree tween. also u get to have chewy sinkers. the best part tbh

8. Would you rather be afraid of the ocean or heights?
 -oh go d miss me with thaT. but when it boils down to it i guess,,,,idk heights?? it's easy to not look down but the ocean is evERy WHERE and as much as i love the sea,,,,,i don't fancy drowning thxxx

9. How was 2018 for you? Was it a good year for you or was it just like any other year?
 -garbage dump fire but i lived. gimme my medal

10. Are you looking forward to 2019?

idk who to tag lmao steal if u want

1. What's your favourite Bohemian Rhapsody lyric
2. What's your current earworm
3. MnMs or Skittles??? why
4. What was your embarrassing teen/kid phase
5. Would you rather eat 1 of ur fav food forever or take all the stuff you ever need in pill form
6. what's in ur pockets
7. have you ever seen a water deer
8. do you want kids or nah
9. what do u think happens inside a pokeball
10. what kind of weird cultural food do you want to try in the future
Biel102Hobbyist Digital Artist
dude your drawings are soooo cool!!!!! good job!
GamchawizzyStudent Digital Artist
Biel102Hobbyist Digital Artist
0rangeleavesHobbyist General Artist
Narito ang isang petisyon tungkol sa kapalit para sa mga komiks ng sonik, matapos nilang matapos sa serye ng mga komiks ng Archie, at ang mga mandirigma ng kalayaan ay nanatiling nakatutok sa pamamagitan ng ShanahaT, at alam mo na mayroon akong autism.

Here is a petition about replacement for the Sonic comics, after they have finished in the series of the Archie comics, and the freedom fighters are stayed tuned by ShanahaT, and you know I have autism.…
Paws-and-ArtStudent Filmographer
>:3 I found your DA!
GamchawizzyStudent Digital Artist