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Star was finally at the Crystal Empire, she had tried to make earlier trips to get here, but none were very successful. She'd be here for three days, hopefully just enough time to try and figure out why her dream had hinted for her to come here. All she had to do was try and figure who this unicorn was that had begged for her help. 

Easier said then done. Especially since she still had to have three guards escorting her, plus her mother had made sure that Cadance and Shining Armor knew of her curfew.

Just one hour. If she could just get one hour alone to figure out who this unicorn was, she'd be able to understand something! What that something was....she wasn't sure, but this constant over-protectiveness from her family and these guards were starting to get to her - even more so now that she felt like she could solve this mystery that plagued her dreams for years.

Charming had quite a reputation for throwing memorable parties - they have become just as popular here at the Crystal Empire, like the Gala is in Canterlot.  Star glanced around the room, full of different ponies from all over. Star knew most of them - considering she is the daughter of the sun, she had to know the names of all her subjects, despite only meeting a hoof-full of them.  

She watched as Charming and Locket mingled with the guests, Locket immediately dropped whatever conversation she was having with somepony and nearly ran over to a taller stallion. Mirage, if memory served her right. A good example of not meeting somepony upfront. All she knew about him was that he was Fluttershy's and Discord's son and told stories. Star looked over at Charming. Normally he was surrounded by many mares, but now it looked like his gaze was attached to a mare standing by him. Levity - daughter to the same couple. Again, she didn't know much about her - just that she was known for tricks, but that was about all she knew. 

The room was full, this seemed like a good opportunity to sneak away without being seen by the guards.

She should have known better. She took four step and could already hear the clanking of metal armor moving near her. Star gritted her teeth, her patience for all this at it's edge - without hesitation she had quickly teleported herself to the other side of the room. The guard didn't see her use magic and he continued in the direction she had started walking. Her victory didn't last long, when another guard had noticed her. He was about to make his way closer to her. She can't just keep teleporting around this room! That would be the actions of a young filly! And she was the princess - she had to at least keep her composure as a mature one. Instead, she made quick steps in the opposite direction of the guard. All she had to do was get out of their sight and through one of the opened doors that the guards had left unattended. She was feeling confident when she didn't hear the hoofsteps so close now - till she slammed into somepony. Star tried to regain her balance, but stumbled on a piece of fabric from her dress. She was gonna fall very ungracefully to the ground, till she felt somepony grab hold of her to stand her back up. 

Mirage: "Are you alright?"  He spoke with concern.

Star looked up to see Mirage looking in her direction, his lion's paw around her hoof to keep her steady. The sight of it did shock her for a moment - but she had other things occupying her attention at the time. She was about to thank him - till an idea crossed her mind. She acted without hesitation - she needed to get out of here.

Star: "Release me!" She shouted, pulling her hoof away from him. She took a step back with an angry look on her face.

The sudden shout drew everypony's attention and the ballroom became quiet. Perfect. All she had to do was make a small scene and excuse herself, claiming she needed a breather from the suddenness of it all. The guards would be too busy speaking with him and making sure that everypony was calmed.

Star: "How dare you grab me!?" She spoke accusingly.

Mirage: "I hadn't meant any harm. I thought you were falli-"

Star: "Guards!"

Before she knew it, another pony had 'poofed' in front of her, an angry look on their face.

Levity: "Hold your horses, princess. My brother didn't 'grab' you!" She glared at Star and took an intimidating step toward her. Star took a step back, but looked around when she heard other ponies start to whisper. Then the Guards quickly stood in front of her - blocking Levity. Levity made an annoyed sound, her horn glowing - she was about to do something - but stopped when Mirage had spoken.

Mirage: "Levity." He spoke calmly. "Let us leave before this gets any further." Mirage turned to leave.

Levity: "What!? Mirage you can't be-" She stopped when Mirage glanced her way. She looked like she wanted to argue with him, but instead she ran out - obviously angry by the situation.....especially since there were a few crashing noises - some of the palace vases may need to be replaced....

Star: "Guards, please escort both of them out."

Charming & Locket: "What?" Both siblings spoke up.

Locket: "Charming, go after Levity! This is all a misunderstanding!" Charming was already running after her before his sister could finish asking.

Mirage: "Thank you for the invitation, Princess Locket. I hope our next visit will be less trouble." He bowed toward her. Then he turned his gaze to Star and spoke quietly, for only her to hear. "Perhaps, you could use something a little less accusingly for your next distraction from the guard's watchful eyes." Mirage then went to leave the room.

Star took a sharp breath in. How did he-!? She got angry at being called out on her plan so easily.  Suddenly, years of anger, frustration, and confusion took over Star's mind and emotions.

Star: "How dare you speak to your princess in such a way! You have no idea what it's like being watched constantly! Not being able to walk freely like you do! Not being able to see the world without fear of being lectured or punished for just standing alone outside!" She took a few steps forward. "All I get to see are guards and walls! If I'm lucky I may even be allowed to stand on the balcony alone to look over the land that I 'supposedly' watch over!

Locket: "Star! Please calm down!" She raised her wing up to stop her from chasing after him.

Star: "Don't ever come back inside this palace when I am here!"  She gave a bitter look.

Locket: "Star stop! Mirage and Levity are both welcomed guests to the Crystal Empire!" Locket spoke with a pleading voice - trying to calm Star's nerves.

Mirage: "It is alright, Princess Locket." He still spoke calmly looking over his shoulder. "I can understand the frustrations of not being able to see the world... But, you should view the ponies of this land and yourself before expressing desires to explore the views Equestria has to offer. Especially in front of others who look to you for guidance." Star gave him a confused look, but he walked off.

Star: "Is he mocking me?..." She spoke quietly to Locket - still angry but also sad. "....I only want a moment of freedom from my overprotective mother's eyes..." 

Locket: "No Star.....he wants you to look around you then at yourself....look at the way you presented yourself as a princess and the reaction you have caused for our visiting guests..." Locket spoke quietly, full of sympathy.

Star still looked confused, but then saw the looks of everypony around her - they looked at her with surprise and shock. Some continued to mutter about what had just happened. Star then saw her reflection from the mirror-like crystal walls. She could barley believe what she saw. That wasn't a princess the stood there. It was a mad pony with a messed up dress- angry eyes - and a tense stance. She wasn't composing herself like a princess should and spoke even worse. She felt humiliated for letting this simple distraction get so far. Locket continued to speak.

Locket: "Mirage would never mock the fact that you have to be under constant watch - nor your dreams to just be able to see and walk the lands alone.....Mirage is blind, Star. He can only see what his imagination will let him....and he can't walk around without getting stares of his own..."

Star felt her entire body freeze. Not only had she acted like a child in front of her subjects....she had also insulted one to their face. All this chaos just so she could see if the theory of her dreams were true.

After a moment Star stood up straight and offered an apologetic speech to all the guest. They were all forgiving and some offered her sympathy, but she wasn't the one who deserved it. She felt even worse when she heard a group of ponies gossiping.

Pony Guest: "Go figure the children of chaos would ruin a party and drive a princess crazy."

Pony Guest 2: "Oh I know! The poor dear princess must be at her wits end with those two!"

Pony Guest 3: "Not counting that fact that I'm sure their father still causes trouble for the ponies there."

What had she done? This wasn't her...she had morales, she cared for her people, she showed respect and welcomed all. She was the daughter to Princess Celestia! How would her mother react if she had seen what she's done. Not only did she run away from guards who protected her, but she accused and used an innocent pony just so she could sneak away! Star was ashamed, humiliated, and could not find anyway to forgive her actions. The idea of finding something that may not even be there got the best of her....and she let her guard down, showing a side of her that no royal should show in front of their subjects. She was supposed to be the symbol of strength to her ponies, but she failed horribly. But she was sure of one thing.

She needed to apologize to Mirage and Levity
REALLLLLLLY long story! Sorry! 

For anyone confused by what is happening, check theses pics out for more info! (Also! These are pics of Star Cross! Just with her older design, before I updated her!)



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"She had to know the names of her subjects."

Does she have a profile of everyone in Equestria or does she just spend a lot of time on Facebook.
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That has GOT to be akward.
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I LOVE IT!!!!. i like it.This is great

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Woooow!!!! This singe most in depth story with a picture so far!! Mirage is still my top favorite! *giggles*
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what did charming actually do after he ran after Levity
GamblingFoxinaHat's avatar
That's another story for another time! :)
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i am looking forward
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yes,she needs apologize
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I really like that story!
Especially because Star realized that she made a mistake - if she had been like "pfff, whatever, I don't care" that probably would have been bad, but... she realized her mistake, she realized that she needs to apologize to Mirage and Levity ... I really like that.
Also it shows that she's only a pony who makes mistakes and learns from them ... nobody is perfect, not even a princess :D (Big Grin)
And to be honest... I guess I feel more sorry for poor Star then for anyone else here, even though she made a mistake. But hey, I can understand that: When you never really have been alone, always surrounded by guards... that must be really frustrating o_o
Nobody can just accept that forever, somewhen it's just TOO much and in most cases it will hit people who didn't even do anything ... like in this case.

Long story short: I loved that story, it was great! Keep up the good work <3

The picture is awesome too! Mirage looks so calm, whilst Locket just looks like she wants that Star stops... and Star ... well, she looks pretty mad =P (Razz)
The designs of these three are gorgeous by the way <3

[sorry for any mistakes that might are in this comment x'D]
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Thanks a lot Star, I have to hate you now.
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I really want to see Star be screamed at by Locket.
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Is Star the one with black mane and grey body? look like Sombra female verson?
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I would like to see locket lash out at Star for kicking mirage and levity out of the party.
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