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Subject Zero, WIP

A WIP shot of the Jack wallpaper I'm working on. It should be part of a set for a PS3 theme. Still need to add her tattoos and scars, then paint in the background.

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I love the muscular toned look she has here, It will really flow great once she has the tattoos. (I know I likely in the minority with liking the more toned muscular look. I've been a Jack fan since I first played ME2 back in 2010. So I prefer her classic look over her new ME3 look.)

If you kept her pants a brighter shade of orange rather than the tattered brown ones, it would give your pic a unique vibe and look, and the bighter orange could be seen as maybe a fresh new prison jumpsuit type thing.

Also as someone else said her checks look a bit chubby.
Spielodia's avatar
This is when you realize how naked Jack actually is. With her tattoos you sorta don't notice as much (well I only speak for myself). Awesome painting skills! Specially love all the red/orange and the blue! I do find her a bit too buff, I'd smooth out the shoulder/clavicle area a bit, but I like seeing different interpretations of characters and seeing artists put their own spin on things, so I'm not complaining =)
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That is some powerful paintwork right there.
FenrisDeSolar's avatar
I love the obvious strength in her posture, it's quite masterful. However her face ought to be a little longer, and the eyes slightly bigger. Other than that, I can't wait to see when this is done!
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Even just this looks freaking amazing. I can tell you right now it'll be a major fave when it's done and take over my desktop for a good while.
Katamariguy's avatar
A bit muscular. And make the cheeks a little less chubby. Not that I don't respect your skill.
dash-of-balder's avatar
UNF. Wonderful movement, musculature and lighting. Can't wait to see more!!
flatlinedreams's avatar
Jack is quite fit, and you show it well, here, though she looks a little more buff here. You can see her musculature beneath her tattoo "clothes," during a couple of choice shots, in ME2. Artists tend to ignore her muscles, which is unfortunate, since, realistically, they contribute to how intimidating she looks. Will you also be adding the circle of her tattoos around her head?
trxstr's avatar
Very Nice! I like the drafty look.
SolarDiamond's avatar
Wow. This looks great so far. I look forward to seeing it in completion!
Her biotics almost look like pom-poms! :p
midamaya's avatar
I've seen so little of jack. It's sad :( buuuuttt this looks Awesomeee!!!!
Stealthero's avatar
This is awesome! the body is looking great so far! Cant wait to see it when its done :drool:
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*low whistle* I'm impressed!
razorsedge820's avatar
Good work so far, looking forward to seeing it finished.
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holy shit this is awesome i cant wait to see the masterpiece!
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