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After a very long hiatus, i can return to my dear drawing table to finish what i've started some time ago.

At time like this, i can appreciate more the time that i have.

A time when i remembering my dreams and take them to the world of real.

A time for my friends who's been totally awesome (Thanks Ray, Kathy and Adi)

More time for my lovely wife/

And of course...more time for me to journey to Kolong Jagad (the realm beneath the heaven-in english)..

To all Methal Pertiwi fans, i will not abandon you all..just hangin' there...Jago Rockk is coming!... and louder!
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It's been a long time since i write something that dwells in my mind.
Some time ago, i created something..
Actually it supposed to be a work of me and my friend
but he turned out contribute almost nothing because some bitch(es) blocked his hands and minds.

So i decided i will move create the thing
I created it, i put my mind into it, i work my ass off days and night
Every lines, every words, everything in it, i put a major part of my soul into it.

A labor of love

Despite all that, i still put his name in the credits because i always appreciate any contributions no matter how small and
i also want him to have something to show to his parents.

That was a mistake..

In the name always comes in second place after my friend's 
and some people still thinks that this piece was MAINLY done by him.

All because i respect him as a friend

Guess i'm a fool...

A fool who got fingered just like the late Bill Finger..

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..while i'm drinking some tea and get some relax time, a friend of mine tagged me a photo of a poster that i did for his friend. Yes, it's a poster for a web series called 'Flicks'. Looking at the comments and knowing how happy the one who commissioned me about the artork that i've done and seeing the reaction of his crew about the poster make my heart feel....warm. and happy.

And then i opened my old e-mails from my clients stating ho happy they are with my work that i've done for them.

It's nice to know that your works got appreciated.

This is something that money can't but. The sensation..the feeling...the joy

Learning the knowledge that you can make people happy with my artworks (whatever the theme of the illustrations), it gives me the strength to keep improving myself and do something that i love.

Do what you love and love what you do, eventually it will love you back...

Thank God
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Please check my comics here:

Written and created by Kathy Messick
Artwork by me (Sofyan Syarief)

Also, check out the animated sizzle reel for Cyber Optics here :…


Zip, Java, and Maya: Selected for their special skills and
empowered by Cyber, they now fight to root out internet injustice. They are
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Being a (freelance) illustrator in my home country is pretty sucks. Ridiculous (and inhumane) deadlines, under appreciated (most of the customers always says: "c'mon, it's only drawing..pretty easy"....EASY??? well, f*** U!!!) and under paid (and they always pay after i calls them about 10 times).
Probably not everybody feels or experience these things like i do but after spending my time all these years, this is what i (almost) constantly experienced.
I love my home country but too bad she doesn't love me back.

"Illustrator? draw things!!! Y' know, my kid can draw like you do"
I really miss Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch's take on The Ultimates. It's not that Jeph Loeb and Joe Mad are bad talent or anything, no..but personally i think that they are not the best choice of team to continue what Millar and Hitch have done.
Yeah, probably it's too early to judge. Maybe there will be more surprises on the way just like the previous Ultimate series.
We'll see but in the meantime i will just assume that Ultimates 3 is a "classic Avengers" mini series and not part of the previous Ultimates.
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