Lets Draw a Historically Correct Women Warrior Series - Where Should I Start?
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Artemisia I of Caria - Persian Naval Commander Who Took Part in the battle of Salamis
Jeanne d'Arc - The Humble Girl Who lead the French Army against England in 100 years War
Eleanor of Aquitaine - One of the Most powerful European Duchess who took part in 2nd Crusade
Aethelflaed of Mercia - Anglo-Saxon Noblewoman who fought against the Viking
Matilda of Tuscany - Italian Noblewomen who defended her castle against the German Invader
Scythian Amazons - Famed for their Women Warriors regarded highly by the Ancient Greeks
Boadicea of Iceni - The Queen of the British Iceni celtic tribe that rebelled against the Roman
Dahomey Amazons - a Fon all-female military regiment of the Kingdom of Dahomey
Zenobia of Palmyra - Queen of the Syrian Palmyrene Empire who revolted against Roman Empire

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Have you considered Jeanne de Clisson from back in 1300? Later called the Lioness of Brittany, she declared a naval vendetta against King Philip VI after he executed her husband for treason - though in all honesty that wasn't for no reason, the man did betray the king. She actually died of old age, which made her rather successful in my opinion for all she didn't ever kill the king.