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WIP - Turkish Oghuz Woman Warrior (Resketch) by Gambargin WIP - Turkish Oghuz Woman Warrior (Resketch) by Gambargin
A Work in Progress for a resketch of the original drawing Beylerbayan Apek of Orhanli Beylerbeylik (Turkish), which represents the Oghuz Turks in the in the Historically Wrong Sketch Series - Medieval Revisited. Since I receive quite a few feedback and notes regarding the quality of my works for the earlier drawings, I thought it would be better to re-do some of the original drawing to improve their qualities.

Perhaps, out of all the the Turkic people that dominated the medieval warfare, the Oghuz turks were one of the most successful in terms of establishing their rule over vast territories. Indeed, most of the ancestors of modern day Turkish people in  Turkey, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Gagauzia and Iranian Azerbaijan were the Oghuz Turks, better known as Turkmen or Turcoman. What started as part of the tribal Turkic group from central Asia serving under various Khanates like the Gökturks and the Khazars, the Ohguz managed to build some of the most powerful ruling dynasties in the middle ages. The best example would be the Seljuk Sultanates, Anatolian Sultanate of Rum, various Turko-Persian dynasties, and finally, the Ottomans that nearly brought the Eastern European frontier to its knees.

If you are wondering about the writings on the drawings, it's just something that I've implemented quite recently, specifically for the Women Warrior Series. Since most of the drawings were done in separate occasions during my free time, the notes helped me to remind myself of how I originally plan the composition to be. For example, writing the type of armor, weapons and helmet, the design of the clothing, the light source, wind direction, etc. helped me to identify which references that are most relevant to the drawing. This saves me some bit of time, since I won't have to go back and forth looking for materials to use as references. the notes saved also helped to keep me focused, in case if the so called "art-block" comes to my head. =P

At the end, when the drawing is inked, the whole notes are erased and replaced with proper background/foreground. :)
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DC-26 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015
She is beautiful and fierce.
aristi1982 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015  Hobbyist
Zombixxx Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015  Student Photographer
Amazing,awesome,perfect... i don't know how can i describe it. You are perfect my friend ;)
lavenderl Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
It's very nice to see your process. ^^  I can't wait to see it completed! ^^  

I like all your old drawings, even if they're not quite as advanced as your new ones.  I really don't think they need to be replaced.  That's just my opinion. ^^
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March 21, 2015
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