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Roman - Marcomannic Wars (166 AD - 180 AD)

By Gambargin
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Herthaganautoz of Druhtiz Márkámánnoz-Coaduos (Marcomannis-Quadis Lord's Companions)

The hostility between the ancient Germanic people and the Roman in their early contacts was for the most part, involved raiding and small scale conflict along the frontiers, with the exception fo a few major battle, many of which, the Romans ended up on the losing side. However, when the Germanic population increase and pushed their migration further south and into the Roman territories, large scale conflict became imminent. One of which, the Marcommanic war which pit the Romans between the migrating Germanic Marcomannis and Quadis along with their Lazyges (Sarmatians) ally in the late 2nd century. While the conflict itself was overshadowed by other larger Rome-Barbarian wars, the Germanic barbarian managed to (briefly) invade Italy, succedding the Celto-Germanic Teutones-Cimbrii invasion almost 2 centuries earlier. The invasion was repelled by the Romans and eventually they came out as a victor, but the devastation overshadowed the future events that would bring down the downfall of Rome. 

By the 2nd century AD, pressured had begun building up on the Roman Empire's northern border, as the growth or Germanic population forced tribal leaders to seek new lands. It was during that era that Europe began to see constant migration of the Germanic people, with the Goths and other tribesmen to the more fertile south-east region. This movement resulted in the establishement of Gothic nations in southern Russia and the Gepids in the vicinity of Carphatian regions. At the same period the Vandals migrated into what was then territory that covered west of Dacia, while another Germanic "supertribes", the Langobardis (Lombards), migrated west after crossing the frozen Rhine river in the winter of 166-167 AD. 

The migration was the followed by another movement of Germanic tribes, the Marcomanni and Quadi, into the central Danube area. From then on, conflict ensued between the Romans and these migrating tribes which resulted in the Marcomannic Wars as we know today. Despite the Roman offensive, the Germanic warriors managed to flank the Roman army and invaded Greece in 170 AD, before launching another invasion into Italy in 171 AD which ended up in defeat. Several other battles followed and armed conflict continued till armistice was declared in the summer of 175 between the Romans, Quadis and the Marcomannis. Though the Romans won, the Germanic tribes by then were even bolder in facing a direct conflict with the romans. Here, the Marcomanni - Quadis warband is depicted in arms and armors based on the previous research, as well as those coins from the reign of Marcus Aurelius. The dragon standard is based on the Sarmatians, who were allied with them during the conflict. 

To the Germanic people who were most closely involved in this war, they later became relatively civilized after long contact with the Romans, especially those living near Pannonia and Noricum. This resulted in these "barbarians" learning the ways of the Romans, from their technology, military operations, to the acquisiton of Roman arms and armors, turning what was considered as barbaric savages, into a formidable organized opponents ready to test their muscle against the Romans.

Created as part of Gambargin's Monthly Historical Sketch Series that aims to portray various cultures across the globe in the context of history, as a spin-off from the Historically Wrong Sketch Series :) (Smile)

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