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Empress Sotirisa of Basileia Rhiomanion (Greek)



A concept sketch of the Byzantine Woman Warrior of the Historically Wrong Sketch Series - Medieval Revisited, which is a recreation of the original HWS series based on the  AD 800s - AD 1400s era of warfare. She represents the Byzantine in the series, and the name Basileia Rhiomanion is a corruption of the actual Greek name for the Eastern Roman Empire.

Inspired by the music: Legacy of Rome by Andreas Waldetoft


The history of Byzantine Empire, historically known as the Eastern Roman Empire by its people, is one of the most well known in the medieval history of the world, from its art, culture, technology to its legacy. In fact, it is one of the longest lasting empire in Europe, from it's beginning in early 4th century till it's fall at the hands of the ottomans in 15th century. The efficiency done by the Byzantine administration, coupled with their infamous diplomatic maneuver, are the testament of brilliance. This can be proven by the fact that, despite numerous turbulence, foreign invasions, internal dissents, and limited manpower, the Byzantines managed to survive right up to 1453 AD, just over a millennia since its split in 330 AD.


For anyone who loves the classical period as well as the middle ages, one cannot simply miss the history of the Eastern Roman Empire, better known as the Byzantine Empire by modern people. The term Byzantine itself was coined in mid 16th century historian, but for the inhabitants of the Byzantine Empire, they referred their empire as the Basileia tōn Rhōmaiōn, or Empire of the Romans.

As for the character in the series, She is Empress Sotirisa Anglelina of Trebizond, the wife of the powerful emperor and the ruler of one of the series' greatest Empire. Her armor is a stylized Greek lamellar armor, adorned with many decorations and intricate design, befitting her status as an empress. It's rather "historically wrong" to portray a byzantine empress leading men to battle (which would be reserved for her husband), but in reality, Byzantine empress held powerful authority over the Imperial court. Empress Sotirisa is known for her ruthless, cold and calculating attitude, for underneath her velvet glove, lies a powerful iron fist. Technically speaking, probably she lacks the skills for one on one combat against other women warrior of the series, but what she lacks in combat, she makes it up with cunning strategies and shrewd diplomacy to subdue her opponents.

I have included the varangian guards as well as various heavy infantry in the background, with some hypothetical banners to give that Byzantine flavor, which also includes the Hagia Sophia church. The banners, the IX monogram, and that double headed eagle are just my representation of the Byzantine Faction in this series, and does not relate to anything in real life.

Historically speaking, the women in the byzantine empire enjoyed many privileges and power that was copied and developed from the Roman law. They could hold property under their name, file a divorce, attend educational institute or even participate in running a business. Although, in terms of historical studies, these privileges mostly applied to those who belonged in the aristocracy. Women were excluded in the military, so as mentioned, this drawing is very anachronistic and inaccurate.


Developed from the Original Concept: Basillisa Sotirisa Angelos of Rhomanion Empire

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A Part of the Historically Wrong Sketch Series: Medieval Revisited - You can find more on the various faction on the map here:

HWS Medieval Revisited - Faction Map v.1.22 by Gambargin


(Is under major revision)
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Nice one.

As a Thank you gift, here's something to compliment your work.

I made a 3D model of Hagia Sophia before the Ottoman conquest.

Enjoy the video. ^_^

Looking forward to more of your work.