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Deirdriu Nic Domnhail of Kingdom of Alba by Gambargin Deirdriu Nic Domnhail of Kingdom of Alba by Gambargin

This Drawing is Outdated - Please see the Updated version in the Gallery Folder of Women Warriors of Historically Wrong Sketch Series: Medieval Revisited

See:Deirdriu and Gwenhwyfar of Celtic Alliance (Celts) by Gambargin

A concept drawing for the Women Warriors belonging to the Celtic People that ruled the Kingdom of Alba in the Historically Wrong Series, inspired by the pre-Norman Invasion of England, mainly from Irish folklore, Welsh legend and Scottish and Anglo Saxons Chronicles. There's still more to study with this one, so any feedback would be very helpful.

Thanks to :iconauriv1: for her suggestion in looking into the Picts. I used my friend as a model sketch, and i think she's not to happy with the result -_-;;

The actual character itself is derived from the Gallowglaich Warriors that settled in Ireland, somewhere in the 13th century. Anyone who reads Machbeth from shakespeare may have heard about these warriors from the passage in the story. They were composed of clans and tribes of Norse-Gaellic people from Scotland that migrated to Ireland after being forced out from their land. Eventually, the found service under the few powerful Irish Kings as mercenaries and personal bodyguards.

The British Isles has a notable history regarding women warriors, one of them beign the Famous Queen Boudicca from the Iceni tribes during the time of Roman Occupation of the island. Pagan Gaelic tribes also included women in their battle ranks as a last mean of defense, while some were included to serve as seers, priestess or battle-priestess (depending which historical account you read). The Anglo-Saxons were also influenced by the Norse people who invaded them, and from what I have heard (although not confirmed) , some of the tombs belonging to female nobles have sword included in them.

You can notice from her name that she is an Irish. One of the reason being is that, in my opinion Ireland had been independent from outside rulers before the Norman Invasion, as such its people are proud of their independence and their culture remains unique to themselves.

Deidru (Deirdre), is the daughter of the Gallowglaich Noble family of Domnhail in the series, as such there's a huge emphasis for her to be good in fighting while adhering the strict code of loyalty and nobility. Historically speaking, elements of her helmet and mail shirt may have been influenced by the Norse, given the shape and design. Although, in this sketch, it's more stylized. The coat (i'm not sure what to name it) is inspired by the Scottish kilt, and were worn by the warriors of their time, amongst padded jacket.

Inspired by the music: Jeff Van Dyck - Dreams of Albion…
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ArwendeLuhtiene Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
AuriV1 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is awesome! Great job! :D
Imuildaeren Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
I think the cloak would simply just be a cloak with a tartan pattern , could call it a belted plaid (the precursor to kilts) but there after this time period.
Schweinebeine Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
its accurate yeah, the heraldry, everything.
thus those mail gloves dont seem very confident, i think theyre more from the late 13th century and the start of the transitional period (im not very sure).
every warrior would have his or her hands bare, and if battle-hardened his or her hands would lack a pair of fingers
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