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Comtesse lodie de Meux of Royaume de Franconie



THIS DRAWING IS OUTDATED - PLEASE SEE Comtesse lodie of Royaume de Franconie (French) by Gambargin

A Concept Drawing of Frankish or French Woman Warrior in the Historically Wrong Sketch Series: Medieval Revisited which is roughly based on the Middle ages covering 800 AD to 1400 AD. Royaume de Franconie, or the Kingdom of Frankonia, represents the Kingdom of France in the middle ages, from the time of West Francia to 100 Years War.

Inspired by the Theme - Crusader Kings 2 Main Menu Theme by Andreas Waldetoft


As for the character itself in this drawing, she is Countess lodie de Meux, a personification of a proud feudal french knight, drawn in a highly stylized chain-mail armor and tabbard, with face helm and some other things to fill the space. Her depiction is more common to the 13th century armaments, though elements of anachronism from 14th century is presents as well. On simple note, she could either be depicted as French Knight, or a Frankish Crusader, depending on the tabards worn :D

Usually, when it comes to drawing a woman warrior, the most famous of them all woulf be Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc in french). She could be dressed in the most elaborate attires to the most historically accurate, fitting her status as a prominent figure in the history of 100 years war. Inspired by the voice of God as she claimed, this humble peasant girl lead the french army to victories over the English, but met a very tragic end....nevertheless, she became an inspiration to many. So, perhaps, make way for a different french woman warrior, clad in the good-old honest chain mail and equipped with instruments of death. Talking about God to inspire men to fight is an admirable action, but back then in times of war, She is more keen on making her enemy meet their God first, than her meeting Him herself =P


Developed from the concept: lodie de Clotaires of Ordo Sanctae Militae de Fran

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A Part of the Historically Wrong Sketch Series: Medieval Revisited - You can find more on the various faction on the map here:

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this one's too . thats look like the perisan culture . the parthian warrior