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Batuyisu Gonji Mangedei of Nodai-in Ulus (Mongol)



A (poor) concept drawing for the Mongolian Women Warrior in the Historically Wrong Sketch Series - Medieval Revisited, which is roughly based on the Middle ages covering 800s AD to 1400s AD. She represent the Mongols during the middle ages, from it's unification under the Temujin, later Genghis Khan, to it's greatest extend that spans nearly half of Eurasia. 

Inspired by the music: Great Eagle Dance by Enkh Jargal (Very Beautiful Music)


There's little to be said about the expansion of the Mongols in the middle ages, other that that which involves both awe and fear, attributed to these nomadic warriors that virtually brought what could have been seen as a "World War". Indeed, no armies or nations have fought enemies so numerous and theaters so diverse than the Mongol Warriors; yet, unlike other steppe empires founded earlier, the Mongols succeeded not only in destroying their foes, but also rebuild and ruled the realm which they have conquered. This was attributed the fact that, despite their nomadic origin, the mongols were highly disciplined warriors, whose taste for conquest and their eagerness to learn, adapt, and embrace changes that lead to the founding of the Mongol Empire, world's largest contiguous empire in the history of mankind, a legacy that shall live on for as long as there's humans that walked on this earth. 


The Warriors of the Steppe have always been the topic of my interest, much more than any other culture I have came across in the Historically Wrong Sketch Series. We can all be boastful of the legacy that was left by our ancestors in the middle ages, but if there's one thing that is true, none could match the impression that the mongol has left in the mark of our history. It was for this reason, that Mongol is one of the earliest subject which I have included in this HWS series.

This drawing represents Princess Batuyisu of the Mangedei Clan, dressed in a highly stylized armor which incorporates leather lamellar cuirass over a thick kaftan with silk layer underneath. This depiction (with the exception of the fur hat, and the fur mantle), is common for Mongolian Heavy Lancer, while common horse archers would have worn a much more simple jacket and tunic as depicted in the background. The gauntlet may have been of Chinese origin due to the depiction of dragon, nevertheless, please disregard her bow, quiver and arrows, which are erroneously drawn. 


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and pretty much everyone else whom they conquered...=P

A Part of the Historically Wrong Sketch Series: Medieval Revisited - You can find more on the various faction on the map here:

HWS Medieval Revisited - Faction Map v.1.30 by Gambargin


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When it comes to reknowned Mongol women warriors, you gotta talk about Princess Khutulun, who lived in the later half of the 13th century. She was so strong, legends were made for her.