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[Polonia Secundum] Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue or TOPR is in short a non-profit mountain rescue organization in Poland, rescuing abandoned mountaineers, tourists and others in need of help in the Polish Tatras. It is one of the oldest mountain rescue associations in the world, registered almost 111 years ago.

Today, it uses the PZL W-3 Sokół helicopter as the main and single way to rescue in the air. But what if it were replaced by a modern and advanced helicopter that would take TOPR's "wing" into a whole new era.

Airbus Helicopters H160 is an advanced medium utility helicopter, representing technologically advanced solutions in an attractive package. The airframe was specially modified to meet mountain rescue requirements. The chassis was blocked in the open position, hydraulic cylinders replaced by longer ones, more suitable for landing on uneven terrain. For the same reason, the wheels were replaced with a larger diameter with larger tires. The option of installing snow skis has been added. Rescue winch located on the right side of the hull. To significantly increase the search capabilities, machine received the FLIR observation head located above the cabin. Originally, the system was to be placed under the cabin's nose, but due to potential damage that could occur during landings in snow-covered areas, it was moved over the cabin. Independent front window wipers and an extensive anti-icing system have also been added.

The completed version of the helicopter received the MR designation from Mountain Rescue and the name Pustułka (Common Kestrel).

As part of a much larger modernization of the helicopter park in Poland, new rescue helicopters for both TOPR and GOPR (Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue) will serve for many years helping the people who challenged the mountains and lost.

This small project was prepared as a symbol of recognition for the work of extremely brave and dedicated members of mountain rescue. Volunteers, pilots, rescuers and ordinary employees who devote their time to saving others. Without their dedicated work, many people would die in the mountains. They deserve all recognition, praise and help from ordinary people, companies and most importantly Poland.

* [Polonia Secundum] is an alternate universe where things happen different way. It's a work of fiction, past, present and future in different view.
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