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Sleek and brutal; this thing looks like the car H G Geiger would had driven; alien looking but with a sense of style and power that you...

by Esau13

Raiden be cleaning up house on the Injustice 2 crew! Dare I say it: Ol' R seems.... happy about this. Raiden's have a bit of a rough sp...

by Esau13

Shinnok's been on a roll since he was revealed to be messing with Raiden in 9 and while it seems like in X he's about as good for good ...

by TiaTam

It's still so odd seeing that Japan's become the superhero capital of the world, even as we see nonstop MCU movies and other media abou...

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BW Megatron/Issei Death Battle! Season 1 part 8!
  The fire blasted outward like a volcano empowered by rage itself as the two clashed, neither willing to offer ground. Megatron, due to size and weight enjoyed an advantage as Issei struggled to maintain any solid footholds. Megatron laughed a cruel and short chuckle before using his dragon arm to grab on Issei’s ribs and flew 400 feet in the air, then the Beast Warrior began to spin his arm so fast the plants waved, which made the King Dragon Devil dizzy. Such a lapse in control is lethal when fighting someone such as Megatron, and the Predacon wasted no time in flying down and slammed Issei into the ground so hard the surrounding area broke apart and a wave of fire fanned out all around.
Issei was in pain, and Megatron was so powerful his 10 second boosts weren’t doing much. Megatron was doing so much damage he couldn’t really expect to gain any real boosts so long as he was in his normal form. ‘I have to break free, or I’m done for!
:icongalvaemperor:GalvaEmperor 1 0
Megatron/Issei prologe
Wiz: The dragon. Ancient scourge of the medieval days of yore; this reptilian rage machine has been a staple of popular culture for generations. Over time dragons have gained characterization that allows them to be good, evil and anywhere on the morality scale.
Boom: Like Megatron of the Beast Wars, aka not Barney and Issei Hyoudou, the pervert master of the dragon's fist! He's Wiz, I'm Boomstick and it's our job to check out their armor, weapons and skills to-
Wiz: *cutting Boomstick off* To find out who would win....a Death Battle.

Wiz: Now, while the fighters are set we need to address something important. Stan Lee has passed away at the age of 95 years old. He was the brains behind much of Marvel and so much of modern comics depends of his work and story telling. He shall be missed.
Boom: Let the Death Battle commence. Aw, I'm too sad to say my normal thing!
Hell, Michigan....
The dark figure of a red dragon f
:icongalvaemperor:GalvaEmperor 2 0
Issei acts perverted on Death Battle

Rule of thumb: people don't like getting groped. That simple bit of info was lost on a certain Issei Hyoudou, who wanted a harem above all else. Too bad his first date was a fallen angel that killed him. Resurrected by Rias Issei was now a devil and gained the Boosted Gear to help with Rias' battles. He never really outgrew his harem dream and that caused a lot of drama for his group, but if anything he's a fast learner and eventually gained control over part of Hell itself. Which may be too much for him, but you can't say he isn't loyal.
Defeated many mighty foes.
Got his harem after all despite all common sense saying it's a bad idea
Befriended the four Satans of Hell itself
Rules over part of Hell
Getting hit resets his boosts
Juggernaut Form renders him berserk
:icongalvaemperor:GalvaEmperor 1 0
Megatron plans to conquer Death Battle!
In the far off future the Autobots and Decepticons became the Maximals and Predacons and peace was fragile, but it was still peace. Secret wars waged on and a student of the mastermind Cyrotek, Gnashtooth engineered a diabolical plan to alter history so that the Autobots lost the Great War and the Predacons ruled above all! Stealing both the Golden Disk and the ship Darksyde GT renamed himself after the fallen Megatronus Prime/Fallen; thus a new Megatron has entered the annuals of history!
Crash landing on prehistoric Earth Megatron waged a war with Optimus Primal that lasted for years, but even after Megatron lost the Beast Wars he still never gave up. Death itself holds no sway over him as he plans to rule over all of space!
the Golden Disk and the Darksyde
Outsmarted most of the other Beast Warriors
Kept his cool during the Planet Buster attack
Gained the power of G1 Megatron during the endgame phase of the Beast W
:icongalvaemperor:GalvaEmperor 5 2
Nova Armor, FirePyrrhus's brainchild!
My friend FirePyrrhus thought of this idea and I was willing to offer my thought on how it looks. This is what he says it does;
Head Parts: Restores one bar of WE for every bar of damage taken.
Body Parts: 50% damage reduction, 50% knockback reduction, damage taken fills up a Giga “Nova Flasher” basically Rakuhouha.
Arm Parts: Triple Charge Shot. First a “Trail Charge Shot” which leaves a small damaging trail behind, then two smaller shots.
Foot Parts: Dashes are now invincible and have a damaging aura, but only when air dashing much like Zero's F-Splasher/Hisuishou in X5.
Head: The armor as a whole shares the design cues and color scheme of the First, Second, Third and Fourth Armors X wore. The helmet is white with gold lines in the middle; with a blue line in the middle of those. On X's ear pieces are two  blue winglike fins, like on a VTOL aircraft with gold lining on the edges facing X's face and on the tops. The red crystal is an thick looking
:icongalvaemperor:GalvaEmperor 0 0
Mega Man 11 Review Part 1
To think that it's been 8 years since Mega Man 10 was graced upon us. 8 long and painful years we waited and then in 2017 we saw it. A preview of a new game, Mega Man 11! It had new stuff and the return of Charge Shots and sliding! 8 new Robot Masters to fight! But really was it worth the wait? Let's find out shall we?
Story: It's not deep, but it does its job. It's just fleshing out just why Wily is so unhappy with Light and it turns out it's due to disagreement with the Double Gear System; which allows robots to overclock at will but if they can't vent properly they risk critical damage. Because of safety concerns Wily's research was cut and all focus was placed on Light's plan to have robots be able to think and feel for themselves (which will become reality when X is built). Wily never forgave Light for killing his dream and sometime after the events of 10, Wily remembers his Double Gears and steals 8 of Light's robots to cause havoc, forcing Mega Man to use Wily's pr
:icongalvaemperor:GalvaEmperor 4 0
DA Noir by GalvaEmperor DA Noir :icongalvaemperor:GalvaEmperor 10 0 The EU is bloody shit by GalvaEmperor
Mature content
The EU is bloody shit :icongalvaemperor:GalvaEmperor 6 2
So this is the end
Mark is DONE with Star Wars. Can't blame him after Last Jedi turned him from a hero to a milk drinking loser that drove his nephew towards the Dark Side. Seriously after all of that I would be wishing I wasn't Luke. Thanks SJWS; you ruined a character yet again! I hope in time the SJW is killed so hard no one tries for social justice ever again
:icongalvaemperor:GalvaEmperor 3 31
A Shit Pie by GalvaEmperor
Mature content
A Shit Pie :icongalvaemperor:GalvaEmperor 0 0
Mature content
Skeletor/Jiren prelude :icongalvaemperor:GalvaEmperor 1 0
Jiren shows his strength in Death Battle

Once upon a time in Universe 11 there was a young bright eyed boy who wanted to make people safe and happy. That was his goal until his family was murdered by an evil entity. So Jiren trained and got allies to aid in his struggle....until the same evil entity killed some of them and the rest chickened out. That darkened Jiren's soul and he formed the Pride Troopers in order to ensure he'd never be weak again. His power and strength grew until it caught the attention of his universe's God of Destruction, Belmod. When it came time for the Tournament of Power to take place Jiren, with power to shake universes in just a relaxed state was a shoein.
Jiren found only three beings that rivaled him. Goku, Frieza and Android 17 of Universe 7 took him down and won the tournament, but Jiren's whole goal was reveled. So now he trains and begins to form new bonds as he awaits the day he rematches Goku once more....
Stronger than a God of Destru
:icongalvaemperor:GalvaEmperor 7 0
Skeletor Proclaims Godhood in Death Battle Skeletor
Far from Earth there is a planet called Eternia.
A strange mishmash of stone age savagery, high fantasy magics, advanced technology,& and modern day trappings it is unlike any world elsewhere. It is home to many unique species and among them are the Gar. Hailing from another dimension they had arrived during the Preternia days of lore. While they had tried to integrate with Eternia as a whole they were victim of prejudice and were largely wiped out as they were wrongly feared to be demons from Infinita. Though a few did survive into the modern age and a Gar woman fell in love with the King of Eternia and bore him a son; Keldor of the House of Miro, half brother of Randor. They grew up together and when they became of age Randor was picked to be king. Keldor, bitter from years of prejudice withdrew from the royal house and formed a group of rebels
:icongalvaemperor:GalvaEmperor 4 0
Duel to the Dead Death Battle! S1 E7
It felt like it was so long since life was felt by these four. Death proved to be a soul crusher and despite that Mario was the first to charge in; his fist engulfed in flame as he sped at Captain America. The now good captain tried to find his shield but realized that it wasn’t there anymore. In his shock Steve took a mighty blow from Mario that sent him skidding dangerously close to the edge. To the shock of all present the ring split into two smaller ones; one containing Cap and Mario, the other Hibiki and Beck.
In the other ring the blue robot was on the defensive as Hibiki beat on him relentlessly. “Another goddess out to get me? I really can’t catch a break here,” Beck whined as he selected the Brandish form and attempted to stab the Symphogear user, Hibiki was quick to react and in one slick move caught and broke the sword which left Beck shocked. A upwards punch from the orange haired lass sent Beck flying high and as he fell into range Hibiki kicked him
:icongalvaemperor:GalvaEmperor 1 0
Mario Respawns for Death Battle

Within the Mushroom Kingdom was under attack from the vile Bowser; king of the Koopas! Seeking to expand his territory he turned his sights on the peaceful land under the rule of Princess Peach Toadstool. When she refused to give in to his demands he waged war on the peaceful people with his powerful magic. It seemed hopeless until two heroes were found in Manhattan; brothers Mario and Luigi. Thus the Mario Brothers went from mere plumbers to heroes known throughout the universe!!
Once brought over they learned that they were born in the Mushroom Kingdom and after getting filled in a long series of battles began for control over these lands. Mario took to this like a fish to water and soon he had saved not only the world but the universe itself! With altetic prowess beyond human norms despite his frame he grew to become a icon. He was on Death Battle before, but Sonic proved to be his better, but perhaps now that he's had more adventures under his belt maybe M
:icongalvaemperor:GalvaEmperor 3 0
Duel to the dead Death Battle prelude
Beetlejuice: "wild laughter" Hello kiddies! It feels like forever since I raised the let's do that now! "causes a whole lot of roofs to jump high and fall down" Welcome to the Netherworld; where laws are meaningless and fun trumps all else, even reason!
I'm Beetlejuice, you MC for this special match. Wiz and Shotgun wanted to take a break so they decided to let me play around with four unlucky souls. Here's my wikia article for anyone new to me (why aren't you loving me?) or you just wanna catch up on an old favorite
I must address a few things. 1; we're playing in my world, MY RULES and this will be a free for all. 'Cause I ain't paying outta my pocket for a thousand dollar for all. 2; Stardust and Optimus aren't playin' since Star's gonezo thanks to Destruction, which means he's erased from existence and Optimus Primal ain't dead since Primus has him be his monkey in the m
:icongalvaemperor:GalvaEmperor 2 0


OC Kani(Commission) by RayDango OC Kani(Commission) :iconraydango:RayDango 173 25 Daily Paint 2184. Daffodile by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2184. Daffodile :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 1,042 26
Vilgax Conquers DEATH BATTLE!

-Debut: Ben 10 - "And Then There Were 10" (2005)
-Species: Chimera Su Generis
-Occupation: Ruler of Vilgaxia, Intergalactic warlord

-Through the Conqueror's Challenge, defeated the strongest warriors of ten worlds.
-Has done battle with Ben Tennyson multiple times.
-Beat the Galactic Enforcers without much difficulty.
-Escaped from the Null Void.
-Fought off an army of Ectonurites, resisting or preventing possession.
-Successfully claimed the Omnitrix twice, though lost it the first time.
--The second time it blew up in his face... Literally.

-Can leave dents in metal with his claws.
-Destroyed one of the heads of Mount Rushmore.
-Punched Ultimos hard enough to make a crater.
-Has overpowered Tetramands, who are strong enough to lift mammoths and create shockwaves by clapping.
:iconadamgregory04:AdamGregory04 50 24
Lizz Saegusa OC by Layerth Lizz Saegusa OC :iconlayerth:Layerth 100 6 Morrigan with glasses by RayDango Morrigan with glasses :iconraydango:RayDango 157 10
7th Portal
Well after that last journal I feel unwell. I figure that no matter how stupid some people act this is not the time to be angry. We should celebrate the life Stan lead and how he inspired all of us. So I will happily share with you a lesser known one of his works i happened upon, ironically during a time i was looking into 4D movies to find a theme park ride from my childhood. I give you Stan Lee's 7th portal episode one, search around for the rest if it intrigues you.
:iconaaggresss:AAGGRESSS 2 0
Not even been dead for a week and...
...Words fail me.
:iconaaggresss:AAGGRESSS 1 8
Excelsior! by Loneanimator Excelsior! :iconloneanimator:Loneanimator 82 41
Roland Unites with Death Battle!

Name: Sir Roland/Master Roland (Only after he becomes a Rune Master)
Age: 17
Species: Human

-The first time we see him, he overpowers his friend Rasche
--Who he later claims is actually stronger than him
-Has fought against several Witches of increasing power, including the Shadow Frost Witch
--Shadow Frost Magic is said to have the power to shape the world with enough effort
-Regularly fights all manner of trained warriors, giant beetles, dark fiends and more
--Including the Stinger Squad, who were initially stronger than Roland's group
-Fought against Mattias and won in a sidequest, proving that he was the stronger Master
-- Mattias had enough power to effortlessly wipe the floor with Roland in an earlier encounter
-Wounded the Beast King Bharva at least 3 different times
--One of these times was when
:iconphantasm-of-grey34:Phantasm-Of-Grey34 3 23
Comision - ProtoMan by lEddy-Xl Comision - ProtoMan :iconleddy-xl:lEddy-Xl 20 1 Stan Lee - Excelsior by Euderion Stan Lee - Excelsior :iconeuderion:Euderion 2,408 250
What are you, the Facebook Police?
When I deleted my Facebook account back in 2016-ish I didn't come back to Facebook for about 2 years until early this year.  Part of the reason was because my mum would repost memories and some of them were of my ex-boyfriends that I had.
But since I created my new Facebook account, my mum for some reason, had me friend some of the people at my dad's old church and its former daycare.  Keep in mind that my dad's old church also ran a daycare and the people at the church were super mean and judgemental as well as spiritually abusive.  Well, for some reason, they've been complaining to my mom about the amount of Political stuff that I post and the amount of Hebrew things I post, and my mom is trying to get me to lessen down the political postings.  Well, I went off on her, saying that it was my Facebook and if they didn't like what I posted they can just unfriend me, and I told her that I don't even remember some of the people on there that she made me friend and some
:iconthephilosophicaljew:ThePhilosophicalJew 6 8
RIP Stan Lee by LuigiL RIP Stan Lee :iconluigil:LuigiL 851 56 Classic Megaman Card by StaticBlu Classic Megaman Card :iconstaticblu:StaticBlu 29 3 DB Super Cosplay: ''Immortalize This!~'' by CrimsonVampiress DB Super Cosplay: ''Immortalize This!~'' :iconcrimsonvampiress:CrimsonVampiress 4 14
RIP David Pearson
-sighs sadly- 
Well..... Today's a sad day for me.... as a racing fan...... 
Today, one of my favorite NASCAR Legends passed away today.... David Pearson of Spartanburg, SC....... 
He was a 3 time NASCAR Winston Cup Series Champion with 105 wins under his belt under 574 races he started in....... He was notably known as Richard Petty's biggest archrival on the track and was nicknamed "The Silver Fox"... and was also notable for winning in spectacular fashion in the 1976 Daytona 500..... He is also notable for driving for NEVER driving full time..... 
David Pearson was 83........
:icontomtodd774:Tomtodd774 3 2


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Sharing this because it's important
For SJWs who are literally CELEBRATING Stan Lee's death, you can go fucking rot in hell you pieces of shit. Stan Lee was a great man, brought us many heroes we could look up to as kids, made my favorite super heroes such as Spider-Man, and Daredevil. You SJWs RUIN EVERYTHING. Fuck off, stop acting as a voice of a group of people you dont really give a shit about and just....fucking walk yourself right off of a cliff. Oh no, Spider Man is a straight white kid!! Got a problem with it? Go to your safe space or cry closet and let it out there. Spider Man will never be gay, Spider Man will never be a person of color. GET THE FUCK OVER IT. This is why Miles Morales was invented, because people wanted a black Spider Man.
Go fuck yourselves SJWs, stop ruining everything. If you want stories of gay super heroes, WRITE FANFICTION. ITS WHAT I DO. I literally ship Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, and I ship my own OC who's male, with Daredevil. XD That's the whole point of fanfiction, is to make characters be the way you want them to be. But leave the canon universe ALONE.
Just a heads up on those Death Battle fics;

Mario vs Ben 10 totally needs a re-write in light of the Mario/Sonic rematch.

Megatron vs Issei was bumped to the next one. Jiren/Skeletor was placed as the last one for Season 1.

No word on when the Optimus Primal vs Mega Man X rematch will take place, but Primal now has all his known Prime Master powers listed on TFWiki, as for X waiting on any word on anything from Capcom in regards to any game with him in it. (X9?)

Mega Man vs Zizou could become the 10th match I do, or whatnot. I will need help doing Speed Racer/ Knight Rider so if anyone wants to, by all means.
Please help my cousin Matthew. He needs a Stem Cell treatment, and due to his constant need for medical care, his family cannot afford the surgery. Any donations and prayers are greatly appreciated, and please spread the word.…


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Yes, it's candy time once again; so here's this cool video I found.



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