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*sticks his necky out real far*
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Veezara is good

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We have to save them all!…

Also, this is one of my favorite Argonians in the game, chill, relaxed and just cool! Great picture~
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This is probably the only Argonian face that I have actually taken a liking to and could consider as a protagonist. I like his expression.
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I'm still salty about Veezara dying, man, I'll never get over it ;-;
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I'm Crying right now, [insert music, the end of all thing from lord of the rings] why did he have to die!!!!!!!! @%&$ u Astrid for selling us out I hope u rot in oblivion, and u too Maro, there has to be a way to save him. is there a mod for it, if there isn't they should make a mod he escapes or lives. he didn't deserve to die. He was a good friend. rest in peace good friend.
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He can’t be saved sadly I tried to save all of them like abjorn and he just walked into the fire like an idiot. 
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I liked him hes cool!
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Jesus I love how you manage to slap expressions on animals.
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When that little shit Maro told us that the sanctuary was under attack, all what was going through my head was ".. oh my god... Veezara!" I bulldozed my way through all off solitude killing everyone in sight and searched everywhere in the flames for Veezara :( Why did he have to die?! I'd gladly trade Nazir and Babette just to have him come back as a ghost, I know we didn't talk to him much but damn do I miss this guy.
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i felt the same way. 
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Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon
Heartbreaking that he welcomes you into the dark brotherhood with open arms and yet dies later on Miuna Crying Icon 
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And now the last of the Shadowscales lies dead among the remains of the Sanctuary.

May he live on among Sithis and his followers.

...Serves them right for ignoring the Five Tenants.

I mean, you have to admit it was a stupid idea in the first place to IGNORE THE LAWS OF YOUR OWN BROTHERHOOD.


Three hundred years ago, the Shadowscales were still alive.

"Life is good." -Veezara
Cold-B's avatar is good.....
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i remember when i made my argonian dragonborn join the dark brotherhood, i saw veezara and was like "HUG ME BROTHA~" then he died and i audibly shouted "son of a bitch"
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Whoa, fantastic work!
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Nice! I love it! XD
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Man I so wanna commission you but I can never find the right chaaaaance >:U
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I plan to open them sometime in the middle of September! Hopefully I'll be done with most of the con work by then. :S
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My brother was disappointed when he first met Veezara and he had said that he was the last of the Shadowscales. He was also disappointed that Bethasda gave the Argonians actual names instead of keeping the silly ones, like Hides-His-Heart or Runs-Around-Trees.
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Hmmm I guess he's right. I can think of maybe 3 Argonians with Tamrielic/Cyrodilic names in Skyrim. My character did marry one of them! :) (Scouts-Many-Marshes)
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