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The Companions

Finished up this print today
(It will be available at Kumoricon in October + online afterwards.)
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Featured on the official Bethesda Twitter, if you didn't know!

(Also that looks bloody amazing, holy hell)
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You have to remove cartoons about Skyrim, you definitely have talent!
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Simply amazing! I think you captured their individual personalities very well.
lemonpandachan's avatar
Wow! They all look amazing!!! Wonderful job! *Free Icon/Emote* Molang (I Love It!)
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I love their expressions, especially Aela's!
OpalBee's avatar
This is fantastic! I love the way you do expressions.
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AAAAH! I LOVE U FARKAS :heart::iconiloveyouplz:
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Love it! My character actually married Farkas. They all look great
ChampiVenao's avatar
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awesome work love it!
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I truly love your style *~*
youre amazing with  expressions and you really captured the characters :3 
id love to have this print hanged on my wall xD 
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I absolutely love their expressions. While Vilkas and Aela look all dead-serious and like it was a bad idea to fuck around with them, Farkas might have something completely different in mind.
Also, the colouring is brilliant.
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OMG YES!! Skyrim!! :D
Love this so much! The Companions have pretty cool missions x'D
Beathyra's avatar
Hey, The companions are my family and I have Shield-Sibilings. Amazing! :D
LunaSheWolf's avatar
my wolf kin! :heart:

love these guys...even if they are rough around the edges.
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woa this looks really good.
CastleAether's avatar
That feeling you get the first time playing Skyrim as a werewolf only to realize you are weak as shit and Krev the Skinner raped your doggy corpse in like .0251 seconds by shoving his dwarven greatsword up your ass and parading your corpse around like Rob fucking Stark.

Ahhh ... those were the days.
T3rrorT1ts's avatar
Such poetic words you chose! Yes these old days when you also noticed that you are an poor ass as an Vampire and that you're getting a nice arrow in your face when you don't get blood for one hour! aaahhh! the old days!
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