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August 4, 2021
TSDK - Page 29 by GalooGameLady
Featured by DrZime
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TSDK - Page 29


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ariya-sacca's avatar

Very expressive!

LindArtz's avatar

Very Nice work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!!!

For My Personal Use Only
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MetalicSoul's avatar

I wouldn't recommend going there, since its a raider occupied area. Maybe he would have better luck going westwards or something or being inducted into the BOS as a recruit, at least then he can be of use with that pipboy he has hidden on his arm.

GalooGameLady's avatar

Why do you think he has all those scars around his wrists and ankles...

MetalicSoul's avatar

From the raiders I assume.

GalooGameLady's avatar

Yeah, he's been there already, unfortunately. (Against his will)

MetalicSoul's avatar

Mmm I think his best bet is to find that one woman that lives outside of megaton and stay with her for a day or so if she is still alive.

DBrentOGara's avatar

Poor sad Butts, I love Springvale Elementary... but that's because I'm always roleplaying a psychopath with anger and impulse control issues... roleplaying. :nod:

You do such a great job with the pacing and emotions and flow of the comic :heart:

NRGComics's avatar

Not the first option, obviously.

ScatteredEmbers's avatar

Oh jeez, if I remember correctly Springvale is full of raiders?

I can't imagine what must've happened to him.. poor baby

aside from that, I really love your style as usual <3 (Amazing page and backgrounds)

GalooGameLady's avatar

Thank you! You remember right, the school building is full of raiders. The injuries you see on Buttons at the beginning of this chapter came from his short time there.

ScatteredEmbers's avatar

Oh no! It's been a while since I've played Fallout 3, but I do remember that!

That's terrible aa, raiders are ruthless

Hang in there Buttons!

Sternguard's avatar

Feels like a flashback coming on.

Really enjoying the story so far and the art is solid.

GalooGameLady's avatar

Thank you! Unfortunately we will not see more of his memories from S.E.S. right now - but maybe in a future chapter? It's safe to say he had a bad time and he's not willing to take that route again anytime soon.

Sternguard's avatar

Teasing us huh, well it just means that we have something to look forward to in the future.

GalooGameLady's avatar

Yeah, who knows, I might make a chapter out of that! I do like stories that jump around in time, as it'll be evident from the next chapter, hopefully :D

LunaSheWolf's avatar

:< buttons always knows how to break my heart.

goldenavatar's avatar

Huh... I guess the sole survivor hasn't gotten any sleep since he lost his arm.

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