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TSDK - Page 22

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I didn’t want to copy everything word-for-word from page 20 but since the topic appears in this page too, I thought it would be appropriate to leave these resources here as well, for anyone who struggles with self-harm or dark thoughts. Please use them if you need to:

US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
Here you’ll find a list of links towards hotlines for different countries and this is a list of individual US state ones.

Thank you for my patrons for the support and everyone for your patience!

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Just beautiful!
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I love this comic for a lot of reasons. But what struck me in this panel is how interesting it is that, for all of his fire and fury leading up to this confrontation, Buttons is also just an unwitting catalyst in someone else's ongoing story. It's a cool take on how individual actions compound on one another.

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NRGComicsProfessional Writer

Love the use of dialogue and context in this one! I can really tell he's fading out!

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GalooGameLadyProfessional Filmographer

Thanks! I wasn't sure if it's clear that Polly's screaming at Gob to hold Mac down and Gob is screaming at Polly to move the gun but in the end I was like... maybe it doesn't matter considering Buttons can barely hear and see what's going on, let alone tell who's saying what.

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