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TES beast race teams (+Orc)

Was going to do Khajiit and Argonian only but CameronAugust's fav race is Orsimer so.... 

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Argonians will always be my main for Skyrim OC’s but I some times do Khajiit because they are cool to.

CaptainPrower's avatar

Khajiit all the way.

Bannie11's avatar

Team Kajiit, Miaq the lier is one of my favorite elder scrolls characters ever.

DylanSStudios's avatar
For me, its definitely team Argonian. No surprise considering my persona is an anthro lizard.
RamboBambiBambo's avatar
Coudl we get a Team Lilmothiit?? >.>
The-black-scribe's avatar
For me it’s Khajiit but Argonians are a close second.
zerozerozeo's avatar
This one is a member of team Khajiit
TheCreeperSWE's avatar
Hmm... I feel like that khajiit is up to something...
TailsFan9988's avatar
He wants a big hug :3
TheCreeperSWE's avatar
The-black-scribe's avatar
LOL most Khajiit are.
ItalianAssassin77's avatar
Dagnabbit you make Argonians look amazing, but gotta go with Team Khajiit
Rookie141's avatar
i've never liked the argonians that much, but you make them look so badass. can't choose between the three now
GtheDragon's avatar
Team Argonian! Woot wooooooooooooot!
juckthefliper's avatar
team argonian of course
kevintheradioguy's avatar
*wants to make couple tattoos with argonian and khajiit for him and his fiancée*
GalooGameLady's avatar
Feel free to get these as tats, if you want! And show me if you do!! :o
kevintheradioguy's avatar
You sure I shouldn't pay you for the designs?
GalooGameLady's avatar
I rather you pay for a good tattoo artist. They'll likely have to tweak the designs to make them fit to a tattoo style anyway. :)
I know some people have gotten my Hancock art as tats before, I've never asked for $$$ from them. These pieces weren't commissioned after all and I'm humbled anyone would want them on their bodies forever. :)
kevintheradioguy's avatar
Of course I'd pay to the best tattoo artist I can find. As the matter of fact, I have a trusted amazing one who can do just that. I only need to pick a body part.
Still, it would be fair if you'd charge us or other people for such usage, I think c:
GalooGameLady's avatar
As I said, I rather you tip your tattoo artist for an extra nice piece than ask for $ myself ;)
But if you feel like supporting me, I have a Ko-fi account where you can send me donations thru PayPal. Again, I don't expect anything but I'm super thankful for any bits! ^^
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Love all 3 of these so much lol, fantastic job 
HDeppix101's avatar
Orcs are actually elves
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