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Stop trying to make kiss happen! It will not happen. :D
(and yes I know I need to install the ENB transparency hair fix)
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Is that Strong? Must be strong *laughs her ass off*ROFL 
Man, I can so imagine that scene 
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Wich Fallout is your Favorite? Mine is New Vegas but I am looking forawrd to Fallout 4
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I never finished New Vegas - and there's a slim chance of finishing it before Fo4 comes out, to be honest. My favorite one is definitely Fallout 3. There are a lot of things better done in NV but I really like the DC setting because I visited before and it's a familiar place now. :)
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buttons: come here often?
fawkes: >:C
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But that's not Fawkes :'D
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lmao I thought they were kissing in the screencap. :') also, dang Buttons looks so good in-game ?? I'm assuming mods helped, because all my characters look slightly deformed no matter what. :>
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Weeelll I do have a "better male faces" mod uploaded but other than that he's just a good ol' Fallout 3 character. Buttons' original 2D design is heavily referenced on his 3D in-game model btw. His 3D self was made before his cartoon self :D You can see a turnaround of him on the bottom here:
Buttons Reference Sheet V2.0 by GalooGameLady
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how could they kiss? Fawks doesn't have lips!
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That's not Fawkes but that's a good point ;)
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ah....I'm sorry fawkes! (I swear you all don't look alike to me TWT)
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*hides under the bed*
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one of those oh shit moments... time to start stabbing rappidly...
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Let's just hope they sink under the weight of all that metal!
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"I kiss but have no lips, who am I?"
a fucking desperate mutant :D
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*snaps teeth rapidly*
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love cant be denied, even when it bites off a nose
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Both cool and funny. Thanks for sharing.
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He ain't got no lips. Kiss won't happen. Just teeth on teeth action
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