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Commission: Jozre and Mi'Jirra

josesephiroth's  Khajiit fellow, Jozre and my girl Mi'Jirra being cuties together
Thanks so much for commissioning me + being so patient!
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very cute! I love seeing people's khajiit designs.
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That is adorable.... now I wish there were more Khajiit to interact with in skyrim. Amazing work, love their eyes and the work you put into their expressions. =)
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Awww they are so adorable. :3 Perhaps Bethesda will make TES: Elsweyr some day. Preferably before the next decade.
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Eyy I love the lighting and all in this! ;v; They look super awesome and totally has a Skyrim-y vibe! 
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Nice work! :D Your Khajiit and Argonians are so much better than the ones in-game... why didn't they just have you design them? :p
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D'aww,how heartwarming.
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You're really hyping me up for that Skyrim remaster here. WHOOP.
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