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Commission: Barbarian

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This half-orc character was commissioned for a dnd campaign ^^
Thank you for the commish!
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She's so cute!

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Damn.She's cute. >8/
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She looks like a sweetheart. I like it. 
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Thanks! Unfortunately, she's not alive anymore (she was made for a DnD quest) but I've been told by her commissioner that she died protecting her friends. :'O
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Ah that's too bad. But hey the thing about characters is they are ideas shaped like people, so even if she died in one story doesn't mean her, or a version of her, isn't still out there somewhere raging against the dying of the light. 
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Very cute character! Lovely style. :)
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You looks cute and tiny, but I bet she wields a sword twice as big as her with that half orc strength! XD
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really love your take on half orcs!
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Stunning! Nice facial expression.
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Love to see cute Orcs ^^
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Beautifully done! You did an amazing job on details Llama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2] 
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She has the cutest little face. <3
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The cutest half-orc ever! :heart: Great illustration, I hope your commissioner loved it!
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:love: great expression/pose  very natural and conveying.
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She looks great.
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I love me some half-orc women, she's adorable.
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I like her! She's cute!  :)
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She looks like such a fun character, you've drawn her so full of life!
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Thank you! I hope she stays alive in her first campaign :')
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Haha, here's hoping!
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