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Hungarian artist in the USA - Married to CameronAugust

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Favourite Movies
District 9, Four Rooms, Prospect, Mad Max Fury Road, Space Odyssey 2001, Solaris, Ghost in the shell, Akira, Persepolis, The Lion King
Favourite TV Shows
Fargo, What We Do In The Shadows, classic Cartoon Network shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Grizzly Bear, Susanne Sundfør, classic Gorillaz, Aphex Twin and almost anything from any genre if I like it
Favourite Books
Metro 2033, The Southern Reach Trilogy, Childhood's End, Roadside Picnic, etc.
Favourite Writers
Stanislaw Lem, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov
Favourite Games
Half-Life series, Fallout 3-4, Soma, GTA Online, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Left 4 Dead series, Portal series, Sims games, etc.
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, PS4, Nintendo DS (the old one)
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop CC (2018), TVPaint, Wacom Cintiq 13HD, copics and technical pens
Other Interests
Cartoons, drawing, computer games, sci-fi, animals, music, chocolate... basic stuff.

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Hello, I want to ask you, was there ever a point in you're artistic pursuits where you had trouble making detailed backgrounds, and if so how were you able to overcome that? If not, how do you overcome that then?

I ask because this is something that I myself have had trouble with for a while until recently, but even then, I still got a long way to go before I could start drawing backgrounds to look as intended all willy nilly.

I feel very honored that you thought to ask me this question, although I'm not sure I am the right person to answer it. I don't consider myself to be good at backgrounds or even particularly comfortable drawing them.

I am painfully uncreative when it comes to backgrounds and just locations in general. But I studied animation and filmmaking, so in my head I always need to have a 3D set-up of my scene to know which character stands where and what angle we're viewing them from in each panel - and I think that helped me.

References too! It's really hard to come up with angles and details from memory so it's nice to have a 3D set already built. Then you just gotta find the right "camera angles" and the rest is practice. (Doing studies of cubes, room interiors and other man-made shapes is useful.)

For example, when it comes to my webcomic, I can take screenshots in-game for reference. If you're working with a modern setting, I recommend building your interiors in the Sims or any other similar game or application, and then taking screenshots for reference. You don't have to draw everything exactly how they look in your reference, but it will give you a broad idea of what objects look like from a certain distance and angle, especially in relation to each other.

If you can do 3D, you can build your own props (even if they're literally just a bunch of boxes with no details on them) and trace them - this is actually a pretty common thing people in the art industry do, especially matte painters.

I use a line smoothing tool called Lazy Nezumi (it's a one-time purchase, very reasonable price!) that has some insanely good things built in. One of them is a perspective ruler that you might find handy. Here's their demonstration:

I used this in that Stranger Things comic I did last year too! :D

These ideas apply to natural backgrounds too btw. The only difference you'll find is mostly textures. (And obviously not a whole lot of parallels and that sort of man-made stuff.) If you ever see backgrounds that you like in a piece of art (comics, illustrations, cartoons, etc.), take a screenshot and save it! I used to have a collection of Gravity Falls backgrounds a couple years back, haha :) Look at how they stylize textures like tree bark, foliage, clouds, water, fire, etc. Consider which would work with your style and what you want to accomplish. If you find the right motivation and examples, you'll get it right!

Okay, thank you! :D Yeah I do remember trying to draw a detailed background based on a video game screenshot from the game Elder Scrolls V Skyrim a few days ago instead of just random shapes and colours for the background as usual, that was the only artist milestone I was able to make back there, but I'm very unlikely to replicate that again without a reference anytime soon.

I think Invader Zim, Squee and I feel sick's way of handling backgrounds, textures, skys, foliage, and other things, Is a lot closer to what I am aiming for within the context of my art-style, when it comes to finding reference material for all of these that is, and I guess some Disney and Astroboy stuff will work to help out a bit to!:)

I think I'll apply things you have suggested so I can practice making more detailed backgrounds, and not just restricted to absrtact backgrounds.

wish i could form my style to be more like yours! its so unique and i love it

Oh, thanks so much! <3 I think we all learn some things from the artists we look up to and that's part of developing one's unique style!

Been listening to All Time Low a lot recently and whenever I see the album cover of Last Young Renegade I think it's buttons hfjgjsf
Hi there! Leaving DA and wanted to know if you had an instagram account I could follow :3